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Laszlo Jones Premieres Lyric Video for New Single Featuring Testament's Alex Skolnick

Rock artist Laszlo Jones released his new single "Kill Myself" today. The new song features Testament's Alex Skolnick as special guest on guitar and is off his EP "Beyond the Door" (produced by Michael Buyens and mixed by Kane Churko) released back in November 2021.

“It’s a song about the general lack of well being, depression endured by many people, leading to self hate and self destruction, leading to a dangerous games with death,” Jones stated about the new song.

He further went on to explain that the younger generation in particular are more prone to this affliction. He added, "They haven't been able to have normal social contacts for 2 years now."

“Above all, it’s important that people in suicidal crisis, and their relatives, are available to reach a nationwide emergency number at any time,” Jones concluded. "Be attentive. Being there for each other and offering help is just as important in stalling a potential suicide."

Watch the official lyric video and find where you can stream and save "Kill Myself" below:

Spotify — “Kill Myself”

Soundcloud — "Kill Myself"

Spotify — Beyond The Door

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