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Laura Pieri Presents New EP, 'Frankie'

Multidisciplinary music & visual artist Laura Pieri reveals her new EP, Frankie. 

The 4-track EP came to be when Pieri was at the point of almost giving up on her career. Inspired by what her farewell to the industry should sound like, the story of Frankie, a woman reclaiming her power, was born. In an EP that cycles through the great, bad, good, and ugly of self-discovery, Pieri emerges as an artist who has rediscovered her voice. The EP was co-written with an all-female team of songwriters and executive produced by Skyler Cocco. 

The EP follows the protagonist, Frankie, who represents a woman navigating male-dominated environments. She is a foil story for women in predatory industries. Inspired by stories like Frankenstein, Suspiria, and Persephone, the characters in the Frankie story represent not only the ability of women to adapt and camouflage according to the circumstances of the moment, but also the sensation of imprisonment of having the need to have a myriad of versions in order to do so.

Across the EP’s 4 tracks, Pieri guides us through Frankie’s journey from disillusionment, anger, and finally, acceptance. “The EP was born out of a transitional phase for me,” Pieri writes. “I was mourning what I believed was me needing to give up on my career. I had felt that walking away was a necessity, and instead set my goals into pivoting into academia with corporate America as the end goal. However, leaving one male dominated field for another and feeling similar feelings come up made me see I was trying to run away from ghosts. Instead of running, I sat with them, and from that the story of Frankie, a woman reclaiming her voice and power, was born.”

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she lived until the age of 16, Laura Pieri always dreamed of being a pop star. In 2014, she moved to America and split her time between New York and Los Angeles to further her education and simultaneously pursue a music career. Inspired by a wide array of artists like Prince, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson, Pieri hopes to blend her pop influences with her Brazilian roots and use her songwriting to connect with others.

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