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"Life On The Patio" Tino Drima ft. Michael McDonald Out Now

Tino Drima, the alternative indie rock band led by Gregory DiMartino, have released a new single today called “Life On The Patio”, which features vocals from legendary musician Michael McDonald, best known as a member of Doobie Bros and Steely Dan.


The latest track by the Los Angeles-based band is catchy, upbeat and directly draws its inspiration from all that came before. And in this instance, the presence of featured vocalist Michael McDonald helps immeasurably. The song leaps out of the speakers and will bathe listeners with a warmth and familiarity that, above all else, feels real good.


Listen to “Life On The Patio” Here


Recorded in L.A.’s Valley Village, ”Life On The Patio” features Tino Drima’s Greg DiMartino (piano, guitars, vocals), Sam Porcaro (bass), Jacob Ungerleider (synthesizers), and Christian Midthun (drums) and McDonald.


“The song is modeled after the soft rock of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s," says DiMartino. "I wanted it to sound like something Michael McDonald would have sung on, with Porcaros as his studio band. And then, due to unbelievably great fortune, that just came to be.”


“I had the great pleasure of working with a new young artist who I believe is destined to stake his claim on the landscape of new and innovative music emerging on the horizon this year!” says McDonald” “Greg DiMartino’s latest recording, “Life On The Patio”, could be one of the great summertime anthem’s, melodically infectious and lyrically thought provoking. That combination always hits the mark for me!”


“I feel so deeply honored to have had this once in a lifetime experience with Mike,” continues DiMartino. “It's even more special I was able to do it with bassist Sam Porcaro, my childhood friend and have it released by Chris Porcaro, whose respective dad's helped define an era of some of the greatest pop music ever made.”


Sam Porcaro is the son of Mike Porcaro, and Chris Porcaro is the son of Jeff Porcaro, both of whom were members of the band Toto.


“Life On The Patio” is the premiere release by the new Memory Swoon label, based in Seattle and helmed by Chris Porcaro, “Patio” will be released with a live version of “Girl Who Can Fly” as a 7” vinyl single in the summer/ early fall. Visit Memory Swoon Records online at


With all of this, “Life On The Patio” is surely poised to become the single of the summer.

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