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LORD OF THE LOST Announces Livestream BluRay/DVD/CD “The Sacrament of Judas”

LORD OF THE LOST Announces Livestream BluRay/DVD/CD The Sacrament of Judas | Pre-Order NOW!

Out December 10, 2021 via Napalm Records

[photo credit: VDPictures / Jan Season]

LORD OF THE LOST continue their success story with live spectacle The Sacrament of Judas!

After dropping their most successful record to date, entitled JUDAS, (#2 German album charts) this summer, genrefluid visionaries LORD OF THE LOST are back with another treat to underline its inimitable live presence: the almost two-hour streaming concert known as Sinister Summer Stream will be released under the name The Sacrament of Judas on BluRay, DVD and CD on December 10, 2021 via Napalm Records.

On July 3, 2021, fans of the band were able to experience some brand new songs from the recently released chart-topping record JUDAS live as a streaming event for the first time. The Sacrament of Judas transports this enormous live energy, which tracks like "Priest", "For They Know Not What They Do" and "The Gospel of Judas" prove.

Pre-Order The Sacrament of Judas NOW!

The dark guitar riffs and fierce drum solos from "Six Feet Underground" show the extraordinary musical skills of each band member. Besides the explosive musical outbursts, there are also quiet moments, such as the elegiac "Euphoria" or the soulful ballad "My Constellation", which is carried by Chris Harms’ versatile and touching voice. Amid the first performance of the new songs, there is also enough room for classics from the multi-faceted discography of LORD OF THE LOST such as "Loreley", "La Bomba" and "Die Tomorrow". The show closes with a final highlight - the Duran Duran cover "Ordinary World", which brings the grandiose arc of tension to its glorious end.

Not even the pandemic can stop this band - LORD OF THE LOST impressively proves that! The Sacrament of Judas is an intense live experience that, even without an audience, stirs up joyful anticipation for the band's next show - then WITH an audience!

The Sacrament of Judas track listing:

  1. Priest

  2. For They Know Not What They Do

  3. Born With a Broken Heart

  4. 2000 Years a Pyre

  5. Viva Vendetta

  6. The Heartbeat of the Devil

  7. The Gospel of Judas

  8. Euphoria

  9. A World Where We Belong

  10. Your Star Has Led You Astray

  11. In the Field of Blood

  12. And It Was Night

  13. My Constellation

  14. Loreley

  15. Morgana

  16. Drag Me to Hell

  17. Die Tomorrow

  18. One Day Everything Will Be Okay

  19. Dry the Rain

  20. Prison

  21. Six Feet Underground

  22. Sex on Legs

  23. La Bomba

  24. Ordinary World

The Sacrament of Judas will be available in a limited edition format exclusively via Napalm Records Mailorder, as well as the band’s store as a digipack including BluRay, DVD and 2 CDs:


Chris Harms – voice, guitar, cello

Pi Stoffers - guitar

Class Grenayde - bass

Gared Dirge – piano, synthesizer, percussion, guitar

Niklas Kahl - drums


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