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Low Gear Signs With WormHoleDeath Records

Explosive Metal Stalwarts LOW GEAR Signs With WormHoleDeath Records

Dropping Remake of Album Siktunes Redux May 27th

WARNING: LOW GEAR music taken in high doses may cause excessive movement and

delusions of grandeur. Do Not Take With Milk. Alcohol may intensify your experience.

WormHoleDeath Records is elated to announce the signing of LOW GEAR and the release of reimagined album Siktunes Redux on May 27th

The band re-recorded their first album Siktunes and released it on their own label, Padded Music, August 2021. (The original recording was released in 2001.) LOW GEAR went in and re-recorded this opus with renewed excitement about using newer technology and also added a bonus of three new songs to the album.

Their two singles “Chemical Burn” and “Mexican Radio” were received very well and had 200,000 streams the first month. Frontman Minister Roach details, "The lyrics to "Chemical Burn" is the oration of the insatiable drive of the great fighters, champions like Ali and Tyson, hardcore gangsters like McGregor, Garry, Vettori. The video bends the corner, though. It was created by some All-Star computer animation pro's and produced by Soundbourn Studios. It's the accumulative visualization of my rhetoric packed into a mean trip, then swallowed whole." Goat (bass) declares, "It's totally unexpected, but it fits tight, cooler than most of the stuff out there."

Switching between loud, explosive metal to progressive instrumentation, LOW GEAR provides listeners with a unique take on the Metal genre. Their heavy roll out delivers hardcore expression built with copious amounts of aggression. Intense, yet tongue in cheek, not for the faint of heart and more up the alley for fans of Slipknot, Lamb Of God and Limp Bizkit-…along the lines of the soundtrack to have a blast to.

Have some fun and check out their killer video for "Chemical Burn" HERE

and "Scab Lab" HERE

Metal, forged and cast to centripetal waves! LOW GEAR at "Come And Take It Live" in Austin, Texas on April 8th. 2015 E Riverside Dr Bldg 4


"What we do? Heavy Metal. We turn it up and break your trance with an aggressive rhythm. We write music you can feel. It's motivational. You're going to move around. Then it's going to pull you in. The sermon is eccentric. So? We have a dark sense of humor, if you don't get it, well you're probably wound so tight there's no hope for you anyway. But If you listen, the music resonates solidity with these melodies. The heavy roll-out delivers an emotional expression converted to timed interpretations of aggression and perception. IT'S ABOUT TO GET LOUD".

LOW GEAR's first single release was "Mexican Radio" a cover of the original song done by Wall Of Voodoo, an 80's New Wave band . Low Gear's release of "Mexican Radio" has had a huge response. LOW GEAR's next single was "Chemical Burn." This release is all it took to set it on fire. In 3 months time LOW GEAR's Spotify page broadcasted numbers of 240,000 streams and counting.

A video for "Chemical Burn" will be released on May 2nd. The digital cd release of Siktunes Redux drops May 27th.


Minister Roach: Lead singer, frontman, poet, author, instigator.

Gotti: Drums, percussion, beats, sound effects, production, sound engineer, genius.

Mucky: Guitars, 6 string, 7 string, 8 string, 9 string, mastermind.

The Notorious Goat: Bass guitars, big fingers, heavy drinker, .

Sam I Am: Guitars, big ideas, friendly/volatile, media commentator.

LOW GEAR online:

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