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Man with a Mission Announce New Album & Album Details

The artwork & track-listing for the new album "Break and Cross the Walls II” - out on 25th May - has been released.

On the cover of the first of a pair of albums, "Break and Cross the Walls I,” released in November last year, five wolves play chess; the dominant shades - black and white - representing the conflicts occurring all over the world at this time.

In this companion work, "Break and Cross the Walls II," the world bursts into colour - from conflict to harmony, with a striking visual image - five wolves in paint-splattered, multi-coloured jumpsuits creating a new world of hope & peace!

"Break and Cross the Walls II" includes:

  • "More Than Words” - digital single released on 27th April - is the theme song from the film "Radiation House: the Movie,” to be released on 29th April

  • "Blaze" - the opening theme from the TV anime "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Special Edition” - currently being broadcast

  • "Perfect Clarity" from last year’s movie "Hinomaru Soul-Behind the Scenes Heroes“

  • "All You Need” - featured song in the game app "A.I.M. $ -All you need Is Money-“

  • "Dark Crow” - opening theme for TV anime "VinLand Saga"

  • "Tonight, Tonight" - theme song for the "X Games Chiba 2022” Presented by Yogibo" tournament, which will be held for the first time in Japan from April 22nd to 24th. (

In addition, the Japan-only limited edition CD set recorded at the live acoustic show "Let's go with music by au 5G LIVE,” performed on 31st March at the "Miracle Ipponmatsu Hall" in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate prefecture - named after a lone pine tree (Ipponmatsu) which survived the 2011 Great Tohoku earthquake ( and featuring 6 songs specially selected by the band members, will be available to the first lucky international buyers as an exclusive private streaming link!

Disc 1 / CD 01. Tonight, Tonight 02. More Than Words 03. All You Need 04. blue soul 05. Left Alive 06. Perfect Clarity 07. Between fiction and friction II 08. Blaze 09. Rock Kingdom feat. 布袋寅泰 (Tomoyasu Hotei) 10. Rain 11. The Soldiers From The Start 12. The Victors 13. Dark Crow -Break and Cross the Walls Ver.- 14. 小さきものたち -Acoustic Ver.- (Chisakimonotachi) MAN WITH A MISSION ACOUSTIC LIVE at "Miracle Ipponmatsu Hall,” Rikuzentakata City, Iwate 01. whatever you had said was everything 02. 2045 03. yoake 04. colours 05. Memories 06. 小さきものたち (Chisakimonotachi)


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