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MERTA Release Brand New Single, "Charade" With Music Video Created by Miyashita Yuu

Cut from the same boundary-pushing cloth as their illustrious predecessors-turned-partners, Omerta – self-appointed “America’s most hated boy band” – releases their provocative new single, ‘Charade’ out via Blowed Out Records: the joint label venture between legendary producer, Ross Robinson, founder of SideOneDummy Records, Bill Armstrong, and genre-fluid pioneer, Ghostemane. This intrepid, 5-minute opus defiantly dances across classification with ease and reckless abandon, leaving absolutely nothing beyond its scope. The narrative of the track is communicated through an exhilarating, violent anime music video produced by renowned Japanese multimedia artist and musician, Miyashita Yuu. Stream the new track HERE and watch the video HERE or by clicking the thumbnail below.

Charade’ is an unflinching critique of the facades that dominate our current milieu. Speaking on the new release, Omerta shares:

"The recent death of monoculture as we know it has torn art and culture asunder. This new paradigm presents both unique challenges and opportunities. On one hand, never before has humanity had the depth and breadth of connectivity that our increasingly networked world can afford us. On the other hand, in our infinite search for purpose, we’ve self-segregated into islands of seemingly arbitrary but precise distinctions.

Dressed in our tribal garbs, drunk off petty authority, comfortably smug in our circle jerks, posturing in our personal panopticons, we urge each other to repent at the feet of our flavor-of-the-month god. If the alternative is being “cringe” – tantamount to being banished to a lesser island or cast into the sea – surrender doesn’t really require second-guessing, but it does come at a steep cost: your self. The weak are those who recoil and shrink away from their screaming soul at the behest of the peanut gallery, only to be defanged, neutered, and lobotomized. The strong are those with the will to raze it all and the resolution to build anew atop the ashes, which we affectionately refer to as “violent art”.

“Charade” is cringecore. It’s avant-garde. It’s post-post-hardcore. It’s acid jazz. It’s K-Pop. It’s prog rock. It’s an anime opening. It’s neo metal. It’s an overture heralding the arrival of a sui generis cycle. It’s a bridge that we’ve built across a few of those aforementioned islands. The postmodern condition has relegated Sincerity, Love, and Beauty to vestiges of a bygone era, and, in their stead, Cynicism, Irony, and Ugliness abound. In this profound, suffocating darkness and loneliness, this song is our proposal for a vibe shift – a bullet through the skull of Nihilism. This is our love letter to you.

Speaking on Blowed Out Record's latest release, co-founders Ross Robinson and Bill Armstrong share

"This band takes ALL the creative paint and throws it into a fkg molten, dynamic, inspired, violent , beautiful & creative work of art that absolutely pushes me to become a better producer. We are so very proud of these guys and excited to help gift their violent art to the world" - Ross Robinson

An unpredictable sonic ride into the future of modern music” - Bill Armstrong

Uninhibited by convention in any capacity, Omerta is beholden to nothing but the extent of their boundless imagination. Case in point, their video for ‘Charade’ with collaborator Miyashita Yuu reimagines both the appropriate visual medium for alternative music and, inversely, the appropriate soundtrack to score an original anime production.

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