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Calling all heshers, thrashers, moshers, headbangers, groupies and metahead noobs, THE SHREDDERZ have entered the chat and the non-fungible universe is about to get a whole lot heavier!

From the depths of the metaverse a collection of all-star metalheads have joined forces to create a supergroup unlike anything seen or heard before, THE SHREDDERZ. A chance encounter with the devil, led five misfits, Erasmus "Raz" Von Ripper (vocals), Vincent Barlow (lead guitarist), Donny Deckmen (drums), Nigel Barrymore (bassist), Weezel (guitarist) and their manager Lydia Moongroove, on a journey to multi-dimensional superstardom, but their quest for fame and fortune is mired in misadventure and the perils of the rock-n-roll lifestyle they sold their souls for. Now you can be part of THE SHREDDERZ as they tour the metaverse in search of fame, fortune, and their next gig.

Check out an audio sample of what THE SHREDDERZ have brewing in the studio:

From the sick and twisted minds of artist and legendary vocalist James "Human Furnace" Bulloch (RINGWORM) and artistic overlord Martin Geramita, THE SHREDDERZ is the first rock n' metal supergroup in the crypto universe making real music with many of today's top musicians. With six different hand-drawn NFT characters, every Shredder in the collection will give you access to features like airdrops, new music, backstage passes, merch, tickets to shows, deals on musical equipment and the right to vote in a real life battle of the bands.

A portion of the mint will go to help establish a community DAO that will allow Shredderz holders the right to vote on the utilization of an innovation fund that will help support musicians, bands and charities. Additionally, people that own all multiple members of the band will receive a free copy of The Shredderz debut album and get airdropped a free NFT of the manager Lydia Moongrave.

We know many people will just screenshot the images because the art is awesome, but that doesn't make you part of the band," said Raz, lead singer of The Shredderz. "Owning a Shredderz NFT means you’re officially a sixth member and you get the opportunity to help make important band decisions as well as support the music community that has long supported their fans."

In addition to the community DAO and digital releases, the band is currently hard at work with some of the best metal musicians around to create a full-length album that wil eventually be available digitally and on vinyl. The Shredderz mint is still to be determined but will be announced soon.

Join the community now!

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