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Midnight Guest revives '70s heavy rock with hints of metal on new EP

Midnight Guest revives '70s heavy rock with hints of metal on new EP

"Satanic Panic Attack" is the most recent release from Midnight Guest, the EP includes four tracks. Mixed by Daniel Stunges, mastered by Arthur Joly and covered by Juarez Tanure, the release brings musical influences from Black Sabbath, Type O'Negative and alternative rock. It's dark but at the same time danceable.

The "Satanic Panic Attack" EP features a pun; "Satanic Panic" comes from the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s, in which people blamed everything on something supposedly related to Satanism; They burned rock records and said Dungeons & Dragons was the devil. A mix of hysteria and witch hunt. "Panic Attack" comes from a theme that appears in 3 of the 4 songs on the EP: anxiety and panic attacks. Midnight Guest brought together one of the things that came up the most during the pandemic: the increased anxiety among people and also the witch hunts and the fight against windmills that we've seen mostly from this crazy government and their supporters, although that it seems to me. a global phenomenon.

We spoke with the band about their career, musical influences, composition process, future plans, among other curiosities. Check.

Where does the name "Midnight Guest" come from?

Daniel: The name comes from one of the songs on our first EP, whose theme sums up our influences well. Also, it's a name that sounded great to me. There are already or there have been so many bands that it is very difficult to come up with a good name!

How and when did the band arise?

Daniel: In 2020 I decided to invite some friends to record and release some songs that I wrote during the beginning of the pandemic. Things ended up going much better than anticipated, and when I realized we had become a band. Tadeu, Kjetil and Eduardo are amazing musicians and really nice people, so it's been great being in a band with them.

The band continues to promote their latest release, the EP titled “Satanic Panic Attack”. How was the process of recording this material?

Daniel: Due to the pandemic and the distance between us and Kjetil, who lives in Canada, almost everything was done online. We exchanged ideas and demos with each other, then each recorded in their respective home studios (except for the drums, which I accompanied the recording with Tadeu).

The material was very well received on specialized national and international music sites. How does the band see such positive comments on the released material?

Kjetil: The feedback is amazing, especially as we go ahead and forge our own sound with hints of vintage metal. Sometimes I sing in different ways, which are not necessarily "metal". David Bowie, Peter Steele... Along with some 80s-style screaming and a Ugly Kid Joe-style "growling." There are! The songs were tailor-made for that and I think they ended up being really cool and unique. And seeing this support from the people gives us confidence!

Your songs show a lot of intensity and dedication on the part of the band. Is there a composition that is more special to you?

Daniel: For me it's Hellfire. It was the first song I wrote for the band and the first one I heard Kjetil sing. Every time I listen to her I remember how impressed I was with her voice and her performance.

Kjetil: Ha! ! Carve Heaven Outta Hell! It is a motivational song to lead humanity to educate themselves about the occult and face the fears and questions that come with it. The sludge riff is kind of the sweet spot for me... And I really enjoyed playing the guitar solo!

What bands and artistic sources inspire the sound of Midnight Guest?

Kjetil: Sabbath, Misfits, Ugly Kid Joe, Type O Negative, David Bowie, Corrosion of Conformity, Chris Cornell

Daniel: For my part, whatever you're listening to right now. I've always admired people who haven't spent their lives stuck to one type of sound or formula, like David Bowie, Bob Dylan or Metallica. However, we do very riff-based songs, so the Deep Purple and Black Sabbath influences will always be there in some form.

What bands are you listening to?

Kjetil: Lately little known gangs that are uploading on cryptocurrency platforms. I'm really excited for something new lately, with crazy arrangements and sounds, introspective lyrics... And David Bowie always seems to end up on my playlists! On sad days I listen to Chris Cornell.

Daniel: Hellacopters, David Bowie, Lucifer, Turbonegro and Motorhead.

Can we expect more unreleased material soon? Shorten?

Daniel: We are seeing the release of a new clip, and we are also already working on new songs to release this semester.

Kjetil: Absolutely. We are working on a behind the scenes video for the band. Also creating a clip for The Hour of the Wolf. I finally got a guy with a drone and a license to use it and bought a 4k camcorder; Now I also have some people who help me film. So we should have new material next month.

"Satanic Panic Attack":

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