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Mitchel Evan Releases His Self-Titled Album with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves

Mitchel Evan Releases His Much Anticipated Self-Titled Album, Mitchel Evan

Along with his Single/Video "Baby Go Back To Bed" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves

MITCHEL EVAN has released his Self-titled album, Mitchel Evan.. Featuring his fourth single release from this album, "Baby Go Back To Bed" with The Label Group/INgrooves. Mitchel Evan brings his well-seasoned songwriting experiences together and links his life observances in a vibrant way that takes the listeners on a journey.Truly a master of storytelling gently tucked in between life lyrics, rock, indie, and Americana. All backed by Mitchel Evan's band, The Saboteurs. Working in harmony, Mitchel Evan is creating true music sounds that tell a story along the way.

"Baby Go Back To Bed"

"Cancel Out The Noise"



Mitchel Evan, the album, is an autobiographical concept record about a chapter in my life that affected me deeply and changed everything. Songwriting has always been cathartic for me, but never have I needed to write through something as much as this. Writing these songs served a real functional purpose in my life. They helped me gain clarity and perspective as to why and how things happened the way they did, and why I made the decisions I made. Writing this album helped me forgive myself and others. Perhaps, it even saved my life. I chose to make this my self-titled record because it embodies every part of who and what I am: witty and playful, selfish and lonely, kind and caring, curious, lustful, neurotic, angry, charismatic, depressed, joyful, etc. - It’s all in there if you listen close enough.” - ME

Track Listing:

1. Band-Aid

2. Lonesome Love

3. As Far As You Know

4. Cancel Out The Noise

5. Let Me Down Easy

6. Baby Go Back To Bed

7. The Distance

8. Kansas City Lights

9. Gotta Be A Way

10. Leeches

11. Work Of Art

12. Everything To Nothing

Mitchel Evan is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, Virginia that has traveled the country exploring new landscapes and soundscapes. A young, yet experienced writer, Evan has found his voice after a decade of developing his craft. Nearly half of that time was spent living in Colorado and touring the western United States, but his rambling has since brought him back east to his home state of Virginia. With an already extensive catalog of releases behind him, between the now-defunct Colorado-based Mitchel Evan & The Mangrove, and now releasing music simply under the name “Mitchel Evan” - he is shaping up to be a prolific writer with a seemingly boundless range of sounds. The songs are honest and confessional while maintaining a sense of hopeful humor and wit and profound insight. Evan's performances radiate charisma, conviction, and confidence that comes only from writing scores of songs and playing hundreds of shows. Backed by his new 4-piece Americana band, Mitchel Evan & The Saboteurs are quickly making a name for themselves in the American Southeast and across the country.

Engineered by Mitch Clem at Go West Studio

Recorded at Go West Studio in Richmond, VA

Mixed by Carlos Chafin

Mastered by Carlos Chafin

Band-Aid Music Video by Casey Graham

Leeches Music Video by Casey Graham and Cody Mausolf at TLP Films

Cancel Out The Noise Lyric Video by Cody Mausolf

Social Media:

“A special thanks to my parents, Robin and Bob Bamberger for their unwavering support and belief in me. To Emma Turns for her unyielding emotional and moral support and for loving me unconditionally. To Melanie and Bob for supporting the band and giving us a place to rehearse. To Jeff for giving me a place to stay in a strange and hard time. A huge thank you to The Saboteurs: Blake Smoral, Spencer Conroy, Justin Doyle, and Daniel Stein; to Mitch Clem for lending his engineering talents and ears to these songs. To Carlos Chafin for his mixing and mastering wizardry, and to all the fantastic studio musicians and players that brought these songs to life: Justin Doyle, Miles Blunt, Joey Anderson, Andrew and Johnny Trongone, Jordan Stoll, Brianna McNelly, Chip Hale, and Tyler Meacham.And finally to The Label Group/Ingrooves and Song River PR/CowGirlZen Entertainment for believing in my music.”

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