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MOD ClassicTK Release Title Track from New EP H8 + Watch Official Music Video

H8 buy/stream link:

WATCH MOD CLASSICTK - H8 (feat. Thom Hazaert) (Official Music Video) at 4 PM CST:

Thrash band MOD ClassicTK released the official music video for the title track "H8" today. The single is from their new EP titled H8 that released to the masses on July 30th via Force 5 Records. The 5 song EP was produced by Tim McMurtrie and Eric Rachel and was mixed by Eric Rachel.

“When talks of a 30 year reunion failed, Kenny and I decided we were going to do this ourselves. We found a sick, shredding-throat vocalist in Donny 'The DRP' Polinske, formally of SORE & PRIMER 55, and asked my old friend James Demaria of Heathen & TOXXIK to smash down some drums and here we are over 34 years later, Donny is also the owner of Force 5 Records which put out the band's first EP H8." says Tim McMurtrie.

He adds, "This EP had me turning the power switch back on, putting my mindset back into the thrash classic sound that we helped to originate in the underground scene back in the 80's. The crossover genre of Punk, Metal & Hardcore is what we bring back to the table on this 5 song banger. Together with Kenny’s undeniable bass tone and my riffing we sound like we never stopped playing together. Adding Donny and James to this EP broke down all the barriers put in front of them. They crushed this thing and people are noticing what’s transpired. And with all the amazing tracks laced from the guest appearances of Michael J Romeo, Marc Rizzo and Thom Hazaert, this thing is truly what our true fans wanted since 87."

MOD ClassicTK features Tim McMurtrie (aka "The RIFFMASTER”) and Ken "ANGRY CORPSE” Ballone, the original founding members and unmistakable legendary ferocious rhythm section of M.O.D. Method of Destruction. Both performed on the classic first release USA for MOD in 1987 (Megaforce Records). Tim also toured on the 1988 HATE TANK TOUR opening up for Thrash legends Exodus for 60 plus show dates in the United States. In addition, Tim McMurtrie recorded and wrote over 90% of the 4th M.O.D. release RHYTHM OF FEAR in 1992 (Megaforce Records).

After some thought on the new project, a new recording and some brainstorming, Tim decided to not just do one record with 25 songs on it like the old days, but instead to record 5 EP’s with 5 songs on it and 5 different drummer’s, 5 different producers and possibly 5 different labels within a couple of years.

With a slew of special guest features from the Thrash, Hardcore, Metal, Punk & Hip Hop scenes as well to make this better than a reunion!

As tons of support grew in the scene the two Thrash Pioneers went all out and paired up with Felix Griffin (DRI), one of the most noted drummers in the crossover thrash genre, as well as James Demaria of Heathen & Toxxik. Walt “Monsta” Ryan is known for not only killing it on the drums but for being in some of thrash, hardcore and metal’s biggest bands. Dr. Chud of the Misfits and Michael Sabatini of Attacker joined for this onslaught of 5 Chapters of EP’s coming out from 2021-2022!

To listen to the first song released by the band, “THE THRASH KING” feat. Felix Griffin on drums, free streaming and for all things MOD ClassicTK go to the bands official website

MOD ClassicTK line-up:

Donny “The DRP” Polinske vocals

Tim McMurtrie Guitars

Ken Ballone Bass

James Demaria Drums

H8 Track listing

1. H8


3. PAB


5. NO

For More Information Please Visit:

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