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Moon Reaper unveil the awesome new video for 'Godeater', a standout track from their new EP Descent


Today Bristolian purveyors of cosmic blackened doom, Moon Reaper, present their new video for the track 'Godeater', taken from the critically acclaimed Descent EP. This song highlights the diversity, the originality and the sheer power of Moon Reaper's crushing sound. Speaking about what they hope to convey with this ambitious visual piece the band said...

"This monolithic masterpiece of a video was directed and animated by Jake Pemberton. It is a visual representation of the subject matter of Godeater: the devouring of cosmic entities - Gods - by a supermassive celestial monster, in this case, a black hole. The video depicts a star's journey throughout spacetime, and its inevitable obliteration and consumption by the ethereal beast. This story is emblematic of the expansion of science defeating religion, or Gods, in our own world. We identified that we'd like to take a geometric, animated, abrasive and dramatic black and white representation without the use of human or earthly elements, as this is one of Moon Reaper's core ideals - to avoid the subject matter of humans altogether."

See 'Godeater' at the Moon Reaper YouTube channel now:

The Descent EP has been making its mark everywhere and being hailed by the extreme music press...

"...a monstrous reckoning with the abyss..." - SCREAM BLAST REPEAT

"...the sonic equivalent of a beautiful slow-motion car crash..." - METAL DIGEST

"...a sonorous feast of riffs..." - DISTORTED SOUND MAGAZINE

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