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MORTAL WOUND's "The Anus of the World" Out Now

The debut album from Los Angeles-based death metal squad MORTAL WOUND is out now!

Stream The Anus of the World in its entirety at

The album is also streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Dark Descent Records has released The Anus of the World on CD, cassette and digital formats, with Me Saco un Ojo Records handling vinyl treatment and additional cassette orders.

Order The Anus of the World at (vinyl orders)


1. Found Dead in a Bush

2. Tunnel Rat

3. The Surf is Gonna Be Bitchin'

4. Drug Filled Cadaver

5. One Who Kills & One Who Loves

6. Born Again Hard

7. Engulfed in Liquid Hellfire

8. The Worm Has Turned for You

9. Spirit of the Bayonet

10. Even the Jungle Wanted Him Dead

11. Royally Fucked Forever

Artwork for The Anus of the World by Karina (@tatchupitchu).

From the start of the sampled introduction to the sadistic battering that follows, this record is a masterclass in well-produced Death Metal that reeks of the 90s brutality while keeping things totally organic. The first minute of this album will churn you into a slime-like ichor with its pulverizing intensity and crushingly tight instrumental hooks. These are topped with gargantuan vocals that will regurgitate any bone matter from your corpse. With a real void in the underground for bands such as this, it seems many are afraid to even try and give such an unforgiving take on extremity, or MORTAL WOUND intimidate the competition. With atmospherics but nothing short of total carnage at any given moment, you will constantly be in grotesque ecstasy at this abhorrent masterpiece.

This is one of those releases where any lover of Death Metal will definitely be satisfied. Unsavory soundscapes delivered with a totally incredible production showcases some of the best songwriting chops you will hear combined with an unfathomable lust for desecration of all things, living or dead. Monstrous grooves contort with a technical proficiency that is not a pretentious show of skill as much as sonic laceration fired forth with unmistakable excellence. Not only does this harken back to some of the genre's most punishing acts, Mortal Wound show they have more than enough personality and songwriting to stand on their own feet as one of the strongest death metal bands of the current day. Hammering furiously until the end, do you think you can withstand this record? Prove it, blast it at full volume and give yourself to this morbid offering…

Stream MORTAL WOUND's 2019 EP Forms of Unreasoning Fear and the band's 2021 split with Gutless on Spotify and Apple Music.


Sam Shriver - Giutar, Vocals and Samples.

Mathias Hofmeister - Bass

Peter King - Guitar

Devlin Baldwin - Drums

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