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Nashville Prog-Rock Band SOUND&SHAPE Release New Album, 'Pillars Of Creation,'

Without further ado, Nashville rock trio SOUND&SHAPE has released their eagerly awaited, 5th full-length album, Pillars of Creation, today! Working alongside Grammy-winning producer/engineer "Greazy" Wil Anspach (Metallica, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers), SOUND&SHAPE has created an enthralling collection of 12 songs that blend and weave through genres with complex, yet cohesive arrangements that will captivate fans along for the ride.

Commenting on the new record, vocalist/guitarist Ryan Caudle states: 

"With this new album the goal was to push the envelope a bit in all directions, so some of the songs are a bit longer, there’s a bit more synth, there are more odd times and even some electronic percussion, but pushing boundaries doesn’t always mean more, so there are a few songs that are very short and to the point. Some parts are very stripped down and intimate. Thematically, the lyrics are probably the most personal I’ve ever gotten. They’re still cloaked in a fair amount of poetic license, but you can’t really hide behind a line like “please be gentle, I’m only as perceived.” For me, a lot of it is summed up in the first line of “Dance ‘Neath the Fairest Moon,” “This boy has hills to climb, before he finds the man inside.” I don’t necessarily mean that in a childish vs. mature way, but more in a “we all have a long way to go until we find who we really are at our core” and a lot of the lyrics deal with stripping away artiface, whether that be placed on us by outside factors or by our own selves, purposeful or by reflex. As serious as all that sounds, these songs are incredibly fun to play, big and riffy and hooky and we can’t wait to play them all on the road."

Following the release of stand out tracks "Ruining The Fairytale" and "Don't Make Me Make Believe," SOUND&SHAPE have revealed today their latest single "How To Talk To Ghosts," that's accompanied by the lyric video below.

Caudle says of the new track: 

A song about being lonely in a crowd. I think it’s something we all feel from time to time. The opening riff was an experiment to see if I could write something like that, the bass notes that move under the higher parts had been rattling around in my brain for a bit, and once I grabbed a guitar to try it, it all just kind of came out. The middle section was written in a way so as to constantly build, and when we arranged it we wanted to take it to a couple of places where we’d never been before, and I think we managed that quite well. It’s got probably one of the more ambitious guitar solos that’s ever ended up on one of our records, but also one of the biggest choruses. The one is a good example of both sides of our music, the more technical and the more hooky.”

Stream/Purchase Pillars of Creation


Pillars of Creation Tracklisting: 

  1. Pillars of Creation

  2. Look for Me in the Sky

  3. God Shakes a Fist

  4. Is a Wilted Rose Still Red?

  5. Ruining the Fairytale

  6. Sun Haired Sky Mother

  7. How to Talk to Ghosts

  8. Beautiful Anger

  9. Don’t Make Me Make Believe

  10. Five Angels Fighting

  11. Dance ‘Neath the Fairest Moon

  12. Peace in Destruction


2022’s Disaster Medicine saw Nashville-based rock trio Sound&Shape channeling the best aspects of their prior records into a thoroughly captivating and heartfelt odyssey full of rich melodies, insightful lyricism, and inventive yet accessible instrumentation. Evoking the soothing vibes of Dredg, Katatonia, A Perfect Circle, and Biffy Clyro (“Filament and Spark,” “Gods,” “Four Pale Horses”) and the epic energy and musicianship of classic Queen, Porcupine Tree, King’s X, Dead Letter Circus, and Chevelle (“Heirlooms,” “Quiet Wars,” “How the Light Gets In”), Disaster Medicine was a triumphantly introspective and orchestral statement of purpose that any band would have a hard time surpassing.

Sound&Shape isn’t just any band, though, and with their latest LP – Pillars of Creation – they’ve set a whole new benchmark not only for themselves, but for the genre as a whole. Recorded in just eight days at their Nashville home studio alongside Grammy-winning producer/engineer “Greazy” Wil Anspach (Metallica, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Killer Mike), the grippingly affective and symphonic opening title track symbolizes how the sequence finds frontman/songwriter Ryan Caudle, drummer Ben Proctor, and bassist Pat Lowry taking listeners on an even more impactful, cohesive, and ambitious ride. 

From the adventurous arrangements and daring complexities of “Look For Me in the Sky'' and “Is a Wilted Rose Still Red?” to the sing-along folk splendor of “Peace in Destruction'';  the majestic lusciousness of “Sun Haired Sky Mother”; and the fierce changeups of “Dance Neath the Fairest Moon,” Pillars of Creation ups the ante by fusing the group’s already winning chemistry with a double dose of the baroque/prog rock sophistications of The Dear Hunter, Dirt Poor Robins, and The Reign of Kindo. 

Beyond being Sound&Shape’s magnum opus, Pillars of Creation is an awe-inspiringly meaningful and multifaceted journey that’s destined to be hailed as one of 2024’s greatest albums.


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