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NDGO Release New Single "Selective Hearing" + Official Music Video

Photo Left to Right- Dave Williams, Hector Longoria and Jeremy Garcia

Photo credit: Tyler Slatton

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Corpus Christi/San Antonio, Texas - January 8, 2024 - NDGO, the dynamic Pop/Rock duo comprising Hector Longoria (lead vocalist) and Jeremy Garcia (drummer), unveils their much-anticipated single, "Selective Hearing," marking its release after a five-year hiatus. "The timing couldn't be more perfect for this comeback", asserts Hector Longoria, the band's vocalist.

"Selective Hearing," the oldest track in NDGO's repertoire, has finally found its moment to shine. "The timing couldn’t be better," comments Longoria. "As for the video, well, you know, miracles happened and we had a mansion full of witnesses to corroborate the adventure they were a part of."

The music video for "Selective Hearing" is now available for viewing on NDGO's official YouTube channel. Crafted with creativity and imagination, the video promises an immersive experience for fans and newcomers alike. Witness the visual journey that complements NDGO's signature sound: Watch "Selective Hearing" (Official Music Video) at

NDGO, pronounced "indigo," draws from an eclectic blend of influences spanning 90’s pop, R&B, and hard rock to curate an original and unique sonic identity. Hector Longoria's vision for something innovative and fresh in today's music landscape birthed the project, with NDGO symbolizing the duo's individuality and embodying their distinctive melodies.

The band made waves with their debut single, "Empty Room," and its accompanying music video in 2019, garnering significant attention on YouTube. Throughout the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020, NDGO remained active, releasing three additional singles, including "Hostage" and "Flicker Fade." On August 26, 2022, they unveiled "Losing Game" along with its music video on the band's YouTube channel.

Having graced stages alongside esteemed acts such as Awake at Last, Dayshell, VRSTY, and Famous Last Words, NDGO's journey has been characterized by musical evolution and a commitment to delivering enthralling live performances.

After a limited number of shows in 2023, NDGO dedicated their time to crafting their forthcoming album, slated for release in 2024.

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