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Neckbeard Noose - Assorted Remains 10oz - (Solipsynthm Metal)

Neckbeard Noose - Assorted Remains 10oz (Solipsynthm Metal)

Release date: April 9 2021

Band: Neckbeard Noose

Album title: Assorted Remains 10oz

Label: Weasel Box Studio

Genre: Solipsynthm Metal, Industrial Metal, Ambient Metal, Indie Metal, Experimental Metal

Neckbeard Noose is an American heavy ambient musical duo from Dallas Texas that identifies itself as a metal band, specifically a sub-genre of metal coined "solipsynthm metal"

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Neckbeard Noose is:

Ddjroo (heavy vocals, didjeridoo, virtual instrument samples)

Richard D. Flowers (soft vocals, backing percussion, virtual instrument samples)

Solipsynthm Metal - the fusion of dark ambient solipsynthm music and lofi heavy metal, also borrowing elements from other genres like nu-metal, experimental metal, witch house, electronica, avant garde rock and any other genre the artist chooses. Most instruments used to make solipsynthm metal are virtual and manipulated through DAW software, with the exception of only a few instruments (usually 2-3 real instruments plus all vocals). How the music is created, recorded and performed live is up to the artist's personal preference.


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