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Nesbitt - Nesbitt Demos - (Death Metal)

Nesbitt- Nesbitt Demos (Death Metal)

Nesbitt is the one man band from Jonathan Nesbitt. Started in 2019, Jonathan wrote and recorded 2 albums under Nesbitt and 2 albums under Nesbitt Instrumentals. He also recorded an acoustic album under Nesbitt Acoustic. Jonathan is a multi instrumentalist from Kentucky. He is also behind the one man band Crucible Steel, started in 2016. He wrote 3 albums under Crucible Steel. Jonathan plays all the instruments on his albums and does the vocals. The music style is everything from bluesy rock to death metal. Crucible Steel was mainly death metal, while Nesbitt was more diverse. Main influences are Black Sabbath, Obituary, Death and Danzig. Jonathan resides in central Kentucky and is looking forward to playing live once venues are reopened.

Check out this Misfits bass cover!

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