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New DAWN FADES album Ode out now on Metal Assault Records

DAWN FADES release sophomore album Ode today on Metal Assault Records

Los Angeles, California’s DAWN FADES have released their anticipated sophomore album, Ode today on Metal Assault Records. The seven song offering includes the emotive lead single “Taste.” Popular metal website Toilet Ov Hell calls the song “spellbinding.” Watch the official video for "Taste" now at:

Ode was mixed by heavy music mainstay Josh Newell (Intronaut, Anthrax, Linkin Park) and is available to purchase now on vinyl, CD and on all digital platforms. Pick up the new album in the format of your choice now at:

DAWN FADES frontman and songwriter Sam Sherwood describes the new album as “a picture of feelings about the trappings of the world we find ourselves in. I believe we are doing a thing that has its own life to it. There is darkness and screaming inner-torment and there are ear-worm hooks.”

Successfully retaining the core elements of their signature sound while exploring new boundaries and honoring their influences; DAWN FADES brilliantly captures the magnetic experience of their live show onto Ode. From soft and soothing, to dense and crushing; experience the sludgy, textural and effervescently melodic moments that DAWN FADES create through their emotionally charged, distinctly beautiful set of songs.

"Every moment of Ode is full of multi-layered melodies and silky riffs that, when combined, create a deep, bleak and psychedelic perspective. Ode is noteworthy." -HEAVY MUSIC HQ

"Now here's an epic record to get lost in. Dawn Fades have refined something truly powerful and exciting on Ode. It's a record that has a certain human power that can't help but to leave you in awe." -TWO GUYS METAL REVIEWS

“​​Great band, great sound, great musical atmosphere.” -HEAVY MAGAZINE

“LA's DAWN FADES emerge firmly with a vibrant dark sound fusing elements from doom, progressive and death metal, given through a contemporary point of view, ultimately resulting in an intricate post metal variant.” -DESTROY//EXIST

Ode track listing:

1. Dearth (8:17)

2. Taste (5:11)

3. Ode: Part 1 (1:51)

4. Ode: Part 2 (5:56)

5. Front (6:57)

6. Chains (8:36)

7. Turning (3:23)

Assembled in August 2016 under the fluorescent bulbs of gritty SoCal rehearsal rooms; DAWN FADES have created a standout collection of heavy, thoughtful material based on songs conceived by main songwriter Sam Sherwood (vocals) and realized with the input and experience of Adam El-Gerbi (guitar), Markus Erren Pardiñas (bass), Scott Quist (drums), and Nate Hertweck (guitar).

Following the release of their impressive debut album, DAWN FADES offers another glimpse into their dynamism with their sophomore full-length, Ode. Released September 10, 2021 on Metal Assault Records; Ode covers grounds from gorgeous to punishing. What has emerged prompts comparisons to Deftones, Isis, Failure, and something just out of reach, familiar yet fresh, crushing yet calculated.

DAWN FADES will make their awaited return to the live stage in support of their new album with the following performances this month and even more live dates to be announced.

Sept 10 - Transplants Brewing, Palmdale CA w/ Old Blood & Circle Of Sighs

Sept 17 - Old Towne Pub, Pasadena CA w/ Hvile I Kaos, Fermentor & The Blue Prison

Ode is available now at:


Sam Sherwood - Vocals

Scott Rosenquist - Drums

Markus Erren Pardiñas - Bass

Nate Hertweck - Guitar DAWN FADES is: Sam Sherwood - Vocals Scott Rosenquist - Drums Markus Erren Pardiñas - Bass Nate Hertweck - Guitar DAWN FADES online:

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