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NIGHT VERSES x Brandon Boyd Drop Official Music Video For "Glitching Prisms"

Progressive metal trailblazers, Night Verses, have released the official music video for their recently released track featuring Brandon Boyd, "Glitching Prisms" featuring the iconic vocals of Incubus frontman, Brandon Boyd. Watch HERE.

Speaking on the track, Night Verses share

“Brandon has such an undeniably unique approach to his instrument. When collaborating with artists of his nature, you often expect to have to bend to their undeniable strengths to make it work. However when writing ‘Glitching Prisms’ with him, his take on the song was instantly the missing piece. Everything he did stepped up the composition, and at the same time was so different from what we initially imagined. I don’t think any of us could be happier with how it turned out.”

With over 15 million career streams and an enormous, ever growing amount of critical acclaim, Night Verses are poised to continue their ascent to new creative heights, affirming their status as pioneers and innovators within the world of heavy music. 'Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night' sees NIGHT VERSES tear up the rulebook once again with a kaleidoscopic vision. Truly living up to the accolade given to them by Noisey, who referred to the band as “the Salvador Dali of Progressive metal”.

Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part 1

3. Rose Wire

5. Love In A Liminal Space

6. Bound To You

7. Séance feat. Justin Chancellor

Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part 2

1. Plague Dancer

2. Åska feat. Author & Punisher

4. Desire To Feel Nothing

5. Crystal X

6. Slow Dose feat. Anthony Green

7. Phoenix V: Invocation


Hailing from Fullerton, CA, NIGHT VERSES first galvanized listeners with their 2012 EP ‘Out Of The Sky’, merging prog, alt-metal, post-rock and ambient electronica into their own intoxicating strain of cinematic metal.

They continued to hone their bold songwriting and genre-bending musicianship on their debut full-length, 2014’s ‘Lift Your Existence’. After the mass critical acclaim that followed, they returned in 2016 with the full-length ‘Into The Vanishing Light’ produced by legendary producer Ross Robinson (Slipknot, At The Drive In). The album was the band’s first release after signing with Equal Vision Records, and marked their last album with a vocalist.

The band released their first instrumental album 2018, with the critically acclaimed ‘From The Gallery Of Sleep’, which cemented them as fearless, genre-defying innovators. Dubbed “The Salvador Dali of prog-metal” by Noisey / Vice, the album was hailed as "boundary-breaking prog" (Revolver), "ambitious and creative" (Exclaim!) and "a layered prog masterpiece" (Distorted Sound).

Now after a 5-year wait that's felt like an eternity, NIGHT VERSES are back to reclaim their rightful place at the forefront of progressive heavy music. With over 15 million career streams and unanimously glowing critical praise for their first four releases, the stage is set for NIGHT VERSES to ascend to even greater heights.

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