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OPUS, Drummer of Dead By Wednesday, Hail the Horns, Ellefson, & Earth Re-releases Solo Acoustic EP

Photo credit: Michael Anthony Alago

Best Creation Buy/Stream Link:

OPUS, drummer of Dead By Wednesday, Hail the Horns, Ellefson, and Earth re-released his solo acoustic EP Best Creation via his own label Mindsnap Music, a subsidiary of Von Artist and distributed by The Orchard/Sony.

Mindsnap Music put out the successful new sleaze hard rock band Bomber Alley (featuring members of Dee Snider’s solo band) recently with more great releases coming soon, including brand new Dead By Wednesday, Howland’s Hyatt (Drummer of Metal Church), Joey Concepcion, Soldiers of Solace, and more.

"This solo acoustic album is near and dear to my heart. It's about the whole experience of becoming a father in a rock-n-roll life style. My son Orion is my “best creation” to date and its awesome that this album is getting released coincidentally on Oct. 2nd, being that his birthday is the next day Oct. 3rd!! Now that’s pretty awesome!” says Opus.

"Here to Stay (Sometimes)":

"Itsy Bitsy Spider":

"Shadow of an Angel":


1.Best Creation (Orion's Song)



4.Here to Stay (Sometimes)

5.Shadow of an Angel


7.Itsy Bitsy Spider

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