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Oracle - Perseverance - (Southern Groove Metal)

Oracle - 'Perseverance' (Southern Groove Metal)

Release Date: September 24, 2021

Oracle is now a three piece extreme metal band from Alabama featuring Jason Long-Lead Vocals and Guitars, Trey Ozinga-Drums, Ray Ozinga-bass, and BG Watson-drums(2016-2017).

Oracle, formed in 2016 by Father and son duo Trey and Ray Ozinga from Baldwin County Alabama. They were joined by, Jason Long from Mobile county Alabama to create something truly unique! The result is an extreme metal band with emphasis on musicality, grooves and epic passages that sonically attack and satisfy all senses of metal enthusiast all around.

What makes Oracle a wonderful metal band is their grooves added to the classic death metal sound that gives their music a smooth flow.

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