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Oscenrad - Beyond The Fells - (Epic/Viking/Pagan Metal)

Oscenrad - 'Beyond The Fells' (Epic/Viking/Pagan Metal)

Release Date: May 28th 2021

Location: England

Oscenrad - Anglo Saxon Heathen Metal from the depths of East Anglia

Founded in 2017 as the solo project of frontman Hæðenwulf, Oscenrad seeks to awaken something deep and primal within the listener; to harken back to the Old Gods of Heathen lore, to ancestral roots and to the mythologies and folklore of times gone by with a primary lyrical focus on Anglo-Saxon England and North Western Europe in the pre-Christian age.

The debut album Beyond the Fells consists of 6 tracks making up a total of 54 minutes of Anglo-Saxon Heathen Metal in the vein of Bathory's Viking Metal era (mainly Hammerheart, Twilight of the Gods and the two Nordland albums) with a mix of various influences from artists such as Moonsorrow, Thyrfing and Månegarm as well as traditional European folk music and classical music

Beyond the Fells aims to immerse the listener completely, from start to finish, transporting them to a time of myth and magic, swords and spears, old, ruined castles and forbidden forests.

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