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Phobetor invite you to experience the Screaming Silence as they unleash a new lyric video


With Phobetor's new album Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds poised to attack from the shadows on December 13th it's time for another taste of the horrors that await! Today the band have unveiled a new lyric video for the snarling, riff-laden nightmare that is Screaming Silence, a bitter black, skin-flaying vision of terror. Speaking about the track, Phobetor drummer Marc Dyos described Screaming Silence as:

"A short, sharp blast of relentless balls-to-the-wall death thrash. Lyrically inspired by the struggle and survival of civilians amidst the horrors of war. The lyrics are not political, but instead try to portray, understand, and empathise with the human condition within a hopeless state of existence."

So take another sip from Phobetor's proffered chalice of poisoned darkness and prepare for the coming of Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds on December 13th...

"Phobetor has given their nightmares life and forms forever evolving, mutating, haunting, and memorable." - METAL ROOS

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