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Rise To The Sky's new album of monumental, atmospheric doom/death out on Meuse Music Records May 6t


It has been less than a year since multi instrumentalist and composer Sergio González Catalán released the last album from Rise To The Sky, his vessel for outpourings of grandeur, doom and grief. ‘21s Per Aspera Ad Astra was hugely acclaimed throughout the metal media and one would have imagined that it might be a long, if not insurmountable task to surpass its dread, grey majesty. Yet, incredibly we are now presented with a new gift from the Chilean musician, wrapped in anguish and tied with a bow of loss; this is Every Day, A Funeral...

There is no doubting the heart shattering poignancy and potency of Per Aspera Ad Astra, but in the few short months since it was released, harvesting praise with a bowed head and rusted scythe, Sergio has managed to develop and expand upon everything that made that album great. Every Day, A Funeral dives even deeper into the black chasms of immeasurable despair and paints vast frescoes of memories, harrowing in their beauty. This is a truly overwhelming album that will leave listeners breathless with the intensity of emotion laid bare. The sheer weight of vast compositions like ‘Abandoned’ is staggering; the drums – supplied by Emidio Alexandre Ramos (Adamantine, Colosso and Dark Oath) - an intimidating thunder beneath guitar chords that tower overhead, casting long, dark shadows. A complex entwining of accomplished artistry and naked honesty, Every Day, A Funeral is a momentous achievement.

Released by Meuse Music Records on May 6th, on CD, vinyl and digital formats, Every Day, A Funeral will bring a pall of autumnal twilight to the warm days of spring and summer. With evocative cover artwork created by Natalia Deprina, exquisite booklet design by Lenore of Ani Artworks (Thelema, Hero’s Fate etc) and a rich, powerful sound captured by Filippos Kolipanos (Ocean of Grief, On Thorns I Lay) Every Day, A Funeral is a thing of dark beauty that will break your heart and shake the foundations of your soul.

You can see an exclusive premiere of the exquisite lyric video that accompanies Every Day, A Funeral's towering title track at No Clean Singing now. Follow the link and immerse yourself in the bottomless depths of sorrow...

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