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Rock Dance Theatre releases Tribute series - Anna Achimowicz performance video October for 9th 2021

Surprise Rock Dance Theatre Tribute series. Premiering tonight: 9:10PM CET/ 12:10PM PST

October 9th is a Celebration- To the most influential and still underrated bass player & musician in the hard rock and heavy metal world. In Tribute of all his past and #NEW current projects Happy David Ellefson Day in Jackson, MN and everywhere else

“I think it’s only fitting, to contribute a small part of my creativity to celebrate a Day in the Year of a Rock and Metal living legend such as DAVID ELLEFSON. Thank You for the inspiration” - Anna Achimowicz / Rock Dance Theatre & Rebel Crush


Choreography & artistic direction: Anna Achimowicz Performance: Rock Dance Theatre Video concept: Anna Achimowicz Camera: Das Off Theater, Vienna for RDT 2017 Editting & Effects: Anna Achimowicz Photos: Steel Panther LIVE at the Marquee Theatre, AZ with special Guest David Ellefson Footage recorded for “Tribute to Rock n Roll” show directed and performed by Anna Achimowicz at Das Off Theater, Vienna, Austria.

Music by and with David Ellefson utilised in the video: - “Nailed to The Gun” by F5. Video of F5 playing nailed to the gun produced by Wisch Dr. Productions. - "Vultures" - Kristian Nairn Remix by Ellefson - Ellefson-Soto featuring Rick Hughes performing "Swords & Tequila" by RIOT.

It's October 9th already in Europe. So we might as well Celebrate David Ellefson Day back over in Jackson, Minnesota. I'm toasting with Ellefson Coffee Co today. Cheers!! #HappyDavidEllefsonDay proclaimed in Jackson, MI

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