Sara Vian releases new single 'Faith Zone'

Sara Vian began to earn respect on the music scene with the release of her self-penned debut EP, produced by Will Angeloro (Lekan Babalola) on Soaring Magpie Records on Record Store Day  2015, earning the title of “fastest-selling local indie artist” at her local record store.

This was then followed with the release of her debut album on Record Store Day 2016, again produced on Angeloro on Soaring Magpie, but this time celebrated with a grand launch party, broadcast globally by Frome FM with a live studio audience at the Assembly Rooms in Frome on the 75th anniversary of Churchill's proclaimation of how how we are "Master's of our fate; Captains of our souls!" (Invictus) to a war-torn Britain!  T his was then followed with a tour of Laval, France.

Vian’s music has been described as “accessible folk” as she has a charming and disarming tone which transforms the ordinary folk song into an entertaining soundtrack, engaging the listener with intriguing chord combinations, beautiful harmonies and relatable stories of love, struggle, triumph and insights.  

In June 2016, Vian supported Martha Tilston and in September 2017, embarked on the “Beautiful Soul Tour” (title-track of the album) of east coast of America where a chance encounter with Jon Bon Jovi catapulted her profile.

Vian has also performed with PeeWee Ellis and Gypie Mayo (“Milk and Alcohol” – Dr Feelgood).

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