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SATANIC TEA CO Release New Video "Shit Karma"

Canadian death metal overlords SATANIC TEA CO have released their new video for "Shit Karma" via Slam Worldwide.The song is from their previously released EP A Celestial Beating.

Frontman Crucifix comments: “We are pleased to announce the release of our grotesque animated music video for “SHIT KARMA”. This is my favorite and arguably the heaviest track off of our recently released EP 'A Celestial Beating' and really shows the direction SATANIC TEA CO is moving towards with the writing of our new material to be released later this year."


SATANIC TEA CO was launched in January of 2017, initially as a clothing retailer that sold tea as an accessory, but it soon became clear that the beverage side of the business was where its future lay. In 2022 the death metal band of the same name debuted and caused quite a stir. Musically SATANIC TEA CO draw influences from old school death metal like DYING FETUS, SUFFOCATION as well as Myspace era Deathgrind. Since releasing their first single “Blood Drenched Torture Chamber” in May 2022, the band have collaborated with the likes of CRADLE OF FILTH, BLOODBATH, TWIN TEMPLE, CRYPTOPSY, VENOM PRISON, INGESTED, BELZEBUBS and IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT.  


Crucifix – Vocals

Khorne – Guitar

Oro – Guitar

Zodd – Bass

Belial – Drums



Recorded and produced by Scott Olyphant at Colossus Audio Productions in Calgary, AB

Mastering by Ryan Williams

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