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Senzar - ex-Coldwar - present the dark, blackened metal of Pyre Of Throes


It has been nearly four years since Senzar announced themselves to the world with their brilliant untitled EP and now it is time for the next chapter in their story to begin. The page has turned and revealed a new work of sinister secrets and unnerving darkness, a full length album that stands outside the comforting circle of firelight and holds out a hand in invitation, dares you to brave the unseen mysteries of the winter night and turn your back on all that you have known. Pyre Of Throes is vital and primal, magnificent and malicious, haunting and twisted, a torrent of ever evolving forms.

Senzar were formed in Dublin from the ashes of the acclaimed Coldwar, who delivered an array of individual albums, from the fierce, punk-tinged death metal of In The Suns Dead Rays to the boundary exploring Pantheist. When Coldwar’s race was run guitarist Paul Nash, vocalist Trevor McLave and drummer Marty McElhinney found themselves driven by a desire to go further into the unknown, to look deeper into the shadows. With bassist Steven Anderson on board they set off down a new musical path, a road less travelled and Senzar was born. With Pyre Of Throes this quartet have created an album that lures you deeper and deeper into its bewildering heart. Entrancing melodies work subtly within a carapace of black flame and steel while barbed hooks drag you down cobwebbed passages, always further from the comforting, the known and accepted. Each musical element of Senzar works with a defiant freedom, an independent fire, each making a powerful, individual statement...and when they come together they blaze with a heat to consume worlds.

Produced by Michael Richards (Cruachan, Graveyard Dirt, Putrefy etc) at his Trackmix Studio in Dublin and adorned in the enigmatic artwork of Sean Fitzgerald (Abaddon Incarnate, Coldwar, Sacrilege etc) Pyre Of Throes is remarkable in every way; from its textured and intimidating sound, to its challenging visual presentation and staggering, multifaceted songs. Released on March 21st, Senzar’s debut full length album is a record that will impress and inspire as it brands its sigil indelibly onto the soul of all who hear its banshee cry.

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Pre-orders from Feb 20th at the Senzar Bandcamp page


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