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Serpent Lord (GR) New Single “The Gospel Of Judas” & Lyric Video!

Serpent Lord (GR) New Single “The Gospel Of Judas” & Lyric Video! (Power Metal)

One year after their latest release, the Greek heavy metallers Serpent Lord (GR) released a new single, entitled “The Gospel of Judas”. The song is an introduction to a new chapter for the band, which will come with their upcoming album.

As the band states: “The Gospel of Judas” is inspired by the Apocrypha Gospel of Judas, which was found and given to publicity for the first time in 2006. Serpent Lord (GR) presents a different approach on Judas’ character, not as a traitor but as Christ’s favorite student. Judas executes the Divine Plan, in order to lead Christ to his resurrection. However, Judas hangs himself because he felt guilty, which shows, according to the band, that the he was manipulated by God and that’s why he is remembered as a traitor and not as a savior, as he should be.

“The Gospel of Judas” was released along with a lyric video.

The song was recorded during the summer of 2020 at Infected Studios, with Nash Makridis participating as a session drummer.

Below, is the single cover, designed by Giannis Antoniou.About the song:

“The Gospel of Judas” is a fast tempo heavy metal song with atmospheric elements and death/black metal vibe at some parts. “The Gospel of Judas” tells the story of a forgotten Gospel, a buried from the Church, Gospel. It’s a different story from the one we already know about Judas. A story that could ruin all the Christian Church. Maybe Judas wasn’t a traitor. Maybe he just did God’s plan. Maybe he was betrayed and manipulated by God. The song is about betrayal and manipulation, not only the one we receive from God, but from humans, too.

Line up:

Marios Arikas – vocals

George Terzitanos – rhythm/lead guitars/back vocals

Konstantinos Sotirelis – bass/back vocals

Lazaros Bouroutzoglou – rhythm/lead guitars

Nash Makridis – drums (session)


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