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SHAKE THE TEMPLE: Self-titled Album out now

SHAKE THE TEMPLE: Self-titled Album out now

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Off the back of their latest single Driven, Melbourne classic metal act SHAKE THE TEMPLE have released their highly anticipated self-titled album. After an arduous year of delays, sickness and other interruptions, the band that did not initially set out to record an album has released their creation upon the world.

“It's incredible the album is actually being published, to be honest... given the obstacles we faced,” singer John Joseph relays, “there was no intention to record an album. But then, one-by-one, the songs started to come to life - better than we intended to be honest.”

“Upon reflection, that's what I love about this album. It was not pre-determined with a master plan.”

The album that wasn’t supposed to be and a band that was only created to be a writing project that came together in a time of adversity, the band promise a release that “is full of dark stories... but in it all and in the melody you can hear there is hope.” SHAKE THE TEMPLE is back, better than ever, and with this release are showing what fans can prepare for when they are back on the road in 2022.


John Josephc - Lead Vocals & Guitars

Damian Cutler - Bass & Vocals

Dave Emms - Drums


Shake The Temple staked its arrival in late 2018 with the release of its debut single, Huntsman. The heavy-hitting single mixed sweeping melodies with fuming guitars are reminiscent of the 70s and 80s vintage metal.

But the Melbourne trio flipped things soon after, following up with an anthemic take on the city’s obsession with cosmetic surgery. Martini confirmed the versatility of the band, mixing spacious guitars with clever lyrics casting a darker light on high society.

The singles were supported by the band’s first live shows around Melbourne.

Sadly, the band’s progress was brought to a sudden halt when lead singer and songwriter John Joseph suffered a brain aneurysm in February 2020.

Admitted to emergency surgery, the project was left to wait until he recovered. Yet, despite the seriousness of the operation, Joseph was inspired to continue the project and from his bed, orchestrated the release of 3 further singles in quick-fire succession.

With three demos left in his arsenal, Joseph recruited video production guru Daniel Armstrong and together they produced 3 lyric videos to support the singles – all whilst the world went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Who I Am was released in May 2020, followed by Precious Lover just six weeks later in June 2020, and then the simmering If You And I Could Make It in July of the same year. Though the band still hadn’t featured in any of the videos at that time (due to COVID lockdowns and Joseph’s health), it would at least showcase the music.

This inspired move not only spawned three more cracking heavy rock tunes – but attracted the interest of Sliptrick Records in Europe. The band subsequently signed to the label.

After Joseph’s recovery, the band returned to the studio to record two more tracks to complete what will be a 9 song debut album on the Sliptrick Records label.

In 2021 Shake The Temple are set to release their debut album and return to the live circuit, with plans to tour Europe.


1. Huntsman

2. The Devil's Approach

3. If You And I Could Make It

4. Precious Lover

5. Who I Am

6. Late Indicator

7. Martini

8. Driven

9. Fist Of Love

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