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Sijjeel release the dark, sinister death metal brutality of Salvation Within Insanity

Sijjeel release the dark, sinister death metal brutality of Salvation Within Insanity through Comatose Music on June 3rd


The Cyclopean Megaliths EP warned of the terror that was to come and now all hell is unleashed – Sijjeel have returned with their first full length album, featuring eight songs of horror, each one a nightmare brought to life. This is brutal death metal of the darkest hue, swathed in chilling atmosphere, possessed by sinister spirits. This is Salvation Within Insanity, a vision of the end.

The entity that is Sijjeel was first invoked in the desert heat of Saudi Arabia, with guitarist Hussain Akbar being the willing vessel for its hideous power. Akbar then reached out to the European continent, recruiting vocalist Floor Van Kuijk (Focal Dystonia, Korpse etc) and bassist Lukas Kaminski (Stillbirth, Placenta Powerfist etc) to complete the infernal coven. Together the trio have created some of the most intense and terrifying brutal death metal ever recorded. Tracks like ‘Climbing Into The Abyss’ and ‘Mental Paralysis’ are delivered with malevolent intent, striking home with a malicious force that is both irresistible and utterly addictive. Floor himself was responsible for mixing and mastering Salvation Within Insanity at his world renowned GLDCHN Studios (Cystectomy, Anal Stabwound, Cadaverous etc) and the thick, textured might he has harnessed is simply devastating. The final touch of dark sorcery is supplied by the unsettling artwork of Rudi Gorgingsuicide (Fleshless, Devangelic, Gorevent etc) – the perfect visual representation of the terror that awaits.

Now allied with Comatose Music, Sijjeel will set loose the beast that is Salvation Within Insanity on June 3rd. Its presence will be felt throughout the world and disease and death will follow in its wake. Quite simply one of the finest brutal death metal albums you will ever hear, Salvation Within Insanity is a force to be reckoned with. Be ready for the coming of Sijjeel!

Get your first taste of the madness at Slam Worldwide - where first single Inverted Contentment In Salvation is streaming now!

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