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Singer/Songwriter Shea Taback Releases New Single “Home”


Shea Taback, a rising star in the music scene, has officially released her debut single. "Home". The song, a poignant exploration of heartbreak and resilience, offers a unique perspective on relationships, contrasting the commonly celebrated theme of finding one's "home" with the harsh reality of betrayal and moving on.

In a candid statement, Shea Taback shared her inspiration behind the song: "I constantly hear love songs about what it’s like to find your 'home,' or, in other words, your person. But I wanted to make a song that people could really relate to—a song that’s about being betrayed by someone you thought was your person. More or less, what it’s like to get out of a trapped relationship and move on to another toxic one."

Shea Taback's musical journey began at an early age, having been immersed in the world of music since birth. Watching her father Joe Taback (Breaking in a Sequence), perform on stage as a baby, she quickly developed a passion for the art form. By the time she could form a sentence, Shea was already gracing small stages around Orange County, captivating audiences with her covers.

Her music is deeply rooted in personal experiences, reflecting a genuine desire to connect with her audience. With overwhelming support from her parents, Shea never wavered in pursuing her dreams, making music an integral part of her life.

"HOME" is a testament to Shea Taback's artistry and emotional depth as a songwriter. The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a heartfelt and relatable musical experience.

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