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Skumstrike - 'Deadly Intrusions'

Enter into the wreckage, enter into the war. If you have ever seen “Apocalypse Now”, imagine the scene where they fly into the battlefield while Wagner's Valkyrie plays. Imagine you are on the helicopter awaiting a fight instead of a concerto with daunting classical strings. Imagine if Agent Orange had a soundtrack to the destruction. It would be Skumstrike’s newly released “Deadly Intrusions”.

They are equal parts thrash, punk, and black metal. They are combining all three into a witch's brew of speed, anger, filth, and admiration of destruction around you. Gritty guitar riffs and solos mimic a knife slicing through electricity. Accompanied by the hollowed-out banshee screaming, barely make out able lyrics. Lyrics may be hard to hear, but don't be fooled that you won't be able to feel every single bit of slime they are pouring out.

“Another Shot of Fear”, the first track, comes out with the thrash and bleeds it into a bruised and cut-up concoction that has the speed of a punk song. Imagine if Black Flag and Bathory had a lovechild, and it turned out to be the angel of death. At points throughout the song, it almost sounds as if it is just a mish-mash of destructive sounds meant to overwhelm you and put you in this place of constant running. Running to destroy something, but the journey never ends, leaving the only thing that stays is the hate and determination as you run the never-ending hamster wheel through hell.

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