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Slovenian Rock Band XSKULL8 Release New Album 'From Sin To Sinners' via Curtain Call Records July 23

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Slovenian rock band XSKULL8 are set to release their new album From Sin To Sinners via Curtain Call Records on July 23, 2021.

The band is available for interviews and the record is available for review!!

Even though it's the first record under the name XSKULL8, the guys say it’s "apparent that it’s not our first. This is already a product that we fearlessly introduce ourselves with to the world music scene."

After the release of the last single "Leaves Are Falling" from the album, they note with enthusiasm that the song has caught on remarkably and they hope the same for the rest of the material. "Most of this has already been presented to our audience as singles, but we have some unheard ear-candy on the album," they promise.

The band adds, "Producer Matej Pečaver and the whole team really did their best. We worked on the songs for quite a few months before we went to the studio, so other things could run smoothly because each of us knew what was expected and how we were going to do it.”

The album is, according to front man Rokk, a kind of combination of their lives, experiences and different eras. "You can hear when we've been freshly single, when we've had a grudge and when we grew up just a little bit because the themes and lyrics have become more like that,” Rokk says. He adds that the album's title is exactly what it says, From Sin To Sinners. "First, there had to be a sin so that we could sin. Same goes for the law. If someone doesn't tell you something’s against the law, that it shouldn't be done, there's nothing wrong with doing it. The moment someone decides that it's kind of unacceptable, the same thing becomes something bad," he explains. For now, the album can be purchased in physical form from their online store - and within 2 months it will also be available on all the popular digital platforms.

With the release of the album, the guys are also happy to announce that they have a new record label. “We're really happy that Curtain Call Records have decided to sign with us. It's hard to say what exactly is going to change for us. Time will tell what our collaboration will bring, but the feelings are great. And I think the results are already showing. If nothing else, it was confirmation that we were doing well and a kick in the ass so we wouldn't stop.” That’s exactly what the guys are planning for in the future. "Don't stop. In fact, it depends a lot on the new label and the path we're going to take together, but one thing is clear. We're not stopping. We're moving on, we're working more and assume that we’re working better.”


1.Your Final Act

2.Same Fools

3.Light It Up

4.Wet Bed

5.A Minute 4 Tomorrow

6.Leaves Are Falling

7.Little Miss Perfect

8.Engine Of Doom

9.Queen Of The Night

10.My Worst Enemy

XSKULL8 are:

Rok Žurga (Rokk) - Vocals/Guitar Janez Janežič (Johnny) - Guitar/Backing vocal Nejc Godec - Bass Klemen Krajnc - Drums

For More Information Please Visit:

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