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SONS OF ARRAKIS Share New Single "High Handed Enemy"

SONS OF ARRAKIS have released a fresh taste of their new album Volume II with their new single "High Handed Enemy". Check out the latest track HERE

Of the track the band shares: "High Handed Enemy," channels an atmospheric and contemplative ambiance. This track explores the human journey of overcoming deep fears and emotions through reason and rationality."

"With a slide guitar provided by Francis Duchesne, the song masterfully contrasts mellow verses with explosive, harmonized choruses with vocal harmonies and dynamic shifts to create a multifaceted composition."

The band further states: "Volume II is a departure from the intricate compositions of Volume I, presenting a more straightforward yet captivating musical expression."

Rooted in the Sons of Arrakis sci-fi desert rock tradition, Volume II ventures into progressive territories with syncopated signature riffs, more complex bridges, well thought transitions and harmonized guitar elements."

SONS OF ARRAKIS will release their second album, Volume II, via Black Throne Productions on June 21, 2024. Volume II showcases a fusion of influences and themes, resulting in a tapestry of compelling tracks, each with its distinct character. SONS OF ARRAKIS' main thematic influence on Volume II is familiar; many of the lyrical themes and dusty, crunching atmosphere draw their inspiration from Frank Herbert's Dune novels. However, SONS OF ARRAKIS do not limit themselves to this universe; the influences of literary giants such as Dostoyevsky, Chekhov, Camus, Gary, Sartre, and Lovecraft reveal themselves layer by layer all throughout the album. The stories in the lyrics are more than merely superficial interpretations of existing works; rather, they strive to evoke profound emotional connections within the listeners. Frédéric Couture boldly weaves tales that carry both fictional and deeply personal narratives, giving the songs a uniquely memorable identity beyond retellings of older stories.

Musically, each song's journey begins with the band's guitarist, who often immerses himself in the world of music on an old acoustic guitar, allowing his ideas to flourish freely. As the main riffs and song structures take shape, the transition to electric guitar and drums occurs, a process that facilitates collaboration with fellow band members. Their inputs add further layers of depth and richness, transforming the initial concepts into unique and idiosyncratic musical experiences. The band's influences range from doom metal to psychedelic rock and many colorful shades in between, turning the musical landscape of Volume II into a modern, heartfelt love letter to giants such as BLACK SABBATH and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE.


SONS OF ARRAKIS is a Montreal-based band that emerged in June 2019, drawing inspiration from Frank Herbert's Dune novels. Their unique sound, which they describe as melange rock and cinematographic sci-fi rock, has garnered attention and established them as a notable presence in the music scene.The band's debut album, Volume I, released on July 15th, 2022, made a significant impact, quickly climbing to the number 1 spot on the Doom Chart in July 2022. This achievement solidified their status as a formidable force in their genre. Ending the year on a high note, SONS OF ARRAKIS secured the number 8 position in the Doom Chart's year-end recap for 2022, further cementing their standing.In January 2023, the band embarked on the Interprovincial Wormhole Tour, captivating audiences throughout Ontario with their electrifying live performances. Expanding their reach, SONS OF ARRAKIS ventured to Quebec in March 2023, for the second leg of the tour, leaving a lasting impression on audiences with their captivating stage presence. Continuing to prioritize their connection with fans, SONS OF ARRAKIS returned to Quebec in June 2023 for Orbiting the Void Tour, showcasing their dynamic energy and unwavering passion.In October 2023, SOA embarked on a tour across Ontario, aiming to reach new audiences across the province. Additionally, the band traveled to Ciudad de Mexico for a Mexican tour in late-October 2023, coinciding with the renowned La Dia de Los Muertos festivities. Amidst their busy schedule, SONS OF ARRAKIS began the recording of their highly anticipated new album in December 2023, with the first single from Volume II, "Scattering", released in late-February 2024. The band also joined SALEM'S BEND on their trip to Canada with The Great Scattering Tour, which brought them on a journey through Québec and Ontario once again.


Vocals/Guitar: Frédéric Couture

Guitar/Keyboard: Francis Duchesne

Bass: Victor Lepage AKA Vick Trigger

Drums: Mathieu Racine

Album Credits:

Producer: Frédéric Couture

Recording Studio: Redtube Studio

Engineers: Luc Boivin, Francis Duchesne

Mastering: Richard Addison

Mixing: Luc Boivin

Album cover art: Alexandre Goulet

Volume II Tracklist:

  1. Scattering    

  2. High Handed Enemy    

  3. Beyond the Screen of Illusion    

  4. Interlude I    

  5. Retaliation    

  6. Metamorphosis    

  7. Blood for Blood    

  8. Interlude II    

  9. Burn Into Blaze    

  10. Caladan

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