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Spiral Guru shares new lyric video “The Fantastic Hollow Man"

Spiral Guru shares new lyric video “The Fantastic Hollow Man"

Expanding the frontiers of the stoner, the brazilian band Spiral Guru shares the new lyric video for their recently released single “The Fantastic Hollow Man”. The track is a re-recording of one of the band's best works, which is presented as a musical synthesis of the evolution of the Spiral Guru. Connecting its origin and its current moment, the music is a synthesis-statement of the band's musical and political side.

The creation of the new single coincides with the creation of the band itself, in 2013, by guitarist Samuel Pedrosa and bassist, and then vocalist, José Ribeiro. After different formations, the current quartet was consolidated with the entry of Alexandre Garcia and Andrea Ruocco, releasing, in 2019, the album 'VOID', their work with the greatest repercussion.

"We are releasing a new track, a re-recording of “The Fantastic Hollow Man”, originally released in 2014 (different drummer, singer and studio). This is something we always wanted to do and it was only possible due to the support of all of you. Be it through feedbacks, reviews, shares and even financially supporting the band. We are glad to send Bandcamp codes for anyone that wishes to download the single, as a token of appreciation for all that amazing support, which allowed us to keep writing and recording new songs", says band.

SPIRAL GURU - The Fantastic Hollow Man (Lyric Video)

Spiral Guru was formed in 2013 by Samuel Pedrosa (guitars) and José Ribeiro Jr. (bass). The band from Brazil has since gone through different lineups until consolidate itself as a quartet with Andrea Ruocco (vocals) and Alexandre Garcia (drums). Initially with male vocals and a straightforward stoner/doom sonority inspired by 60’s and 70’s bands like Coven, Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Blue Öyster Cult and Black Sabbath, Spiral Guru has changed not only its lineup, but also their own musical personality. Expanding the borders of stoner, the band incorporated in their first full length album, VOID (2019), different influences that goes widely from psychedelic rock to post punk from late 70’s.

The use of effects, synths and unconventional instruments, especially in the synaesthetic intros, conjoins to a sound that some listeners associate to Space Rock or Heavy Psych. Without losing the cadence, groove and fuzzy distortions associated to stoner, 'VOID' is the transformation of all the cultural repertoire gained by the band in the past years into an unequivocally authorial piece. The album caught the attention of domestic and international specialized media, highlighting the Doom Charts appearances and a spot in the Classic Rock Magazine Best of The Year 2019 CD. In 2020 and 2021, the band recorded several songs that will be released in the coming years.

Genre: Stoner

Line up:

Andrea Ruocco - Vocals

Samuel Pedrosa - Guitar

José Ribeiro - Bass and backing vocal

Alexandre H. G. Garcia . - Drums

Lyric vídeo: Raoni Joseph

Producer: Andrea Ruocco, Alexandre H. G. Garcia, José Ribeiro and Samuel Pedrosa

Recording, mixing, and mastering: Franco Torrezan.

Cover art: Wendell NarkEdmi.

Photo: Renato Petean

For more on SPIRAL GURU visit the band's official FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and BANDCAMP

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