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Supersonic releases “Nothing to Say”, EP features four new tracks

Supersonic releases “Nothing to Say”, EP features four new tracks

The band Supersonic formed by Ricardo Alexandre Alves de Souza (vocals and guitar), Leandro Barbosa (bass) and Ricardo Sousa Fialho (drums and backing vocals), has just released the new EP entitled “Nothing to Say” on all digital platforms via Electric Funeral Records.

The EP Nothing to Say, recorded at Conspiração Records, and produced by Lau Andrade, has four unreleased tracks, with songs that range from lull to heavy distortions.

Since the beginning of its formation, the songs were already composed and sung in English. Always influenced by the Grunge and Alternative Rock era of the 90's, with distorted guitars, marked bass and intense drums. Trying to rescue the essence of alternative rock from the 90s, and with lyrics that address reality, desires and disappointments, the material brings the band's most current tracks, being recorded in late 2019 and early 2020, and mixed between March and June. of 2021.

The album is a preview of upcoming releases in 2022. Check it out:

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