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Swedish Death Metal Legends UNLEASHED Release New Single “You Are the Warrior!” + Official Video

Swedish Death Metal Legends UNLEASHED Release Massive New Single “You Are the Warrior!” + Official Video | Watch HERE!

New Album, No Sign of Life, Out November 12, 2021 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

New Tour Dates Announced!

[photo credit: Jens Rydén]

Shortly before Swedish death metal legends UNLEASHED release their new studio album, No Sign of Life, the Einherjar legions of Asgard release their third single, “You Are the Warrior!”, talking about struggles in the life of a true warrior. This is another musical weapon in trademark UNLEASHED fashion – true old school death metal, transferring Viking values into modernity!

The new single is accompanied by an official performance video transforming the intensity and force of the song and the story behind it. The visual makes you dive deep into the song and transforms the strength of an UNLEASHED live show.

Johnny Hedlund on the story behind “You Are the Warrior!”:

”In the battle of life there will be moments, for the Warrior, when the whole world seems to be against you. When pain and suffering is at its peak and everything is pitch black. This is the time to recall the reason for the struggle, and to remember those before you, their resolve and will of steel. You aim for the most noble deed of all and strive toward greatness, the highest of all ideals. That…is the call to Odin.

As you sail into the great unknown of life, the great adventure, there will be dark clouds on the horizon, and know that sooner or later the winds will die down, and YOU will need to ROW. That…is the hour of the Midgard Warrior.

It is then your time to bear the axe of responsibility, and the shield of protection for those who cannot protect themselves. Your forefathers’ battle is over, this is now yours! You are the Warrior! And You FIGHT!”

Watch the new video for "You Are The Warrior!” HERE:

UNLEASHED is led by founding frontman Johnny Hedlund, and features drummer Anders Schultz and two guitarists Tomas Måsgard and Fredrik Folkare – delivering and defining supreme death metal for over 32 years. On No Sign of Life, the band formed of Viking descendants transports the listener straight into an outraging battle with 11 forceful tracks that revive the essentials of death metal, facing the sheer brutality of war. UNLEASHED are back to defend their throne, forging another wrecking machine that continues the marvelous legacy of Vikings.

The silence gets crushed right within the first notes of the album opener “The King Lost His Crown” and invents a paving rage that leaves you no time to catch your breath during its entire playing time. Bare boned screams are accompanied by epic shouts praising Odin and heavy guitar riffs as the journey of clashes continues in “The Highest Ideal”, until the album reaches its glorious peak with “Here at the End of the World as a fading hymn for the victorious march that leaves the battlefield behind in ashes.

The Chief Vikings of Swedish death metal leave no doubt that they are still true to their roots after 32 years of existence. UNLEASHED proves that they indeed are and will stay the unchallenged leaders of Sweden’s death metal forefathers!

UNLEASHED on the album:

“It is our hope that our warriors all over the world will enjoy the new album just like they have our previous ones. We have, as always, tried to stick to our roots while testing our steel to develop the genre of Viking Death Metal even further.

Hail Odin!

Johnny & The Boys“

Pre-order your copy of No Sign of Life NOW!

No Sign Of Life track listing:

1. The King Lost His Crown

2. The Shepherd Has Left the Flock

3. Where Can You Flee?

4. You Are the Warrior!

5. No Sign of Life

6. The Highest Ideal

7. Midgard Warriors for Life

8. Did You Struggle with God?

9. Tyr Wields the Sword

10. It is Finished

11. Here at the End of the World

No Sign of Life will be available in the following formats:

LTD Wooden Box Edition


1LP DieHard Gatefold GOLD



1LP Gatefold BLACK

Digital Full Length Album

[Wooden Box Edition (incl. Digipak belt-buckle, thor hammer patch, album cover flag, logo pin – limited to 400 copies worldwide)]


10.12.21 NL – Eindhoven / Eindhoven Metal Meeting

07.01.22 CH – Zurich / Meh Suff Winter Festival

13.02.22 UK – Brimingham / Hammerfest 13

26.02.22 UK – London / Electric Ballroom

05.03.22 SE – Gothenburg / Monument

28.05.22 DE – Haag / Bavarian Battle Open Air

09.07.22 DE – Ballenstedt / Rockharz Open Air

14.07.22 DE – Balingen / Bang Your Head Festival

16.07.22 SE – Gävle / Gefle Metal Festival

06.08.22 RO – Rasnov / Rockstadt Extreme Fest


Johnny Hedlund – bass, vocals

Anders Schultz – drums

Tomas Måsgard – rhythm guitar

Fredrik Folkare – lead guitar


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