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Swedish Melodic Death Metal band Sailor Hunter released a new EP Evolution!

Swedish melodic death metal band Sailor Hunter released a new EP 'Evolution' on May 24th 2024 via Finnish Inverse Records

This EP is about humans' complex history of adoption. Over time, our species has developed advanced cognitive abilities, language and complex social structures. However, the same intelligence that has allowed humans to thrive also poses the potential for self-inflicted destruction. The rapid advancements in technology, coupled with environmental pressures,present challenges to the sustainability of human civilization. For example, the development of autonomous weapons, powered by artificial intelligence, raises concerns about the potential for these systems to act beyondhuman control. How can humanity, nature and innovation coalesce into a symphony of balance?

LISTEN Evolution EP:  

The band comments tracks:

Ashes: The song is about the triumph over adversity and the ability to rebuild after destruction and hardship. It was the first song that we did together with me as a new singer. The song has a lot of energy and I felt that the lyrics needed to be epic and empowering. 

Condemned by Creation: This song delves into the intricate relationship between a creator and their creation. It navigates the emotional landscape of regret, reflection and the weight of unintended consequences. The lyric captures the internal struggle of grappling with the sometimes bad effect of one’s own creative endeavors.

Against All Strife: The lyrics tell about the confinements of a metaphorical prison, symbolizing personal struggles or societal constraints. The song celebrates the courage to confront adversity and the human spirit against the forces of strife.

Evolution:m The lyric explores the theme of destructive forces that hinder evolution. It was while working on this song that the concept idea of the album came to be. The theme of evolution came to me in the process of working on the songs, it wasn’t planned in advance. It was just something that had interested me for some time

Sailor Hunter - Evolution (EP 2024) 

Track list: 

01. Ashes

02. Condemned by Creation0

3. Against All Strife

04. Evolution



EP cover by Al Rinald

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