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Synthwave project CRUCE SIGNATUS Release New Single "Vexillum Crucis"

CRUCE SIGNATUS, the synthwave project of David Frazer of PILLAGING VILLAGERS has released the darkly progressive new single "Vexillum Crucis". "Vexillum Crucis" haunts listeners with eerily distorted synths and adds glimmers of light throughout the foreboding atmosphere. Lighter synth touches add polish and sparkle to the cavernous, droning darkness beneath, swelling until they burst into triumphant, powerful melodies toward the end. 

Listen to "Vexillum Crucis" here: 

About Cruce Signatus

CRUCE SIGNATUS' self-titled debut is the first of four epic concept albums which form the musical soundscape for a feature-length, animated anthology series. In collaboration with Heavy Metal Magazine illustrators such as Vincent Kings & Chris Anderson, this series unfolds the tale of an impoverished knight’s quest to confront his sins as he navigates the monstrous brutality of the First Crusade. 





Album cover by Chris Anderson 

Video is illustrated and animated by Vincent Kings 

Photography and all other graphics created by David Frazer

Part One Track Listing: 

1. Gehenna et Tartareum 

2. Lus Gladii

3. Vexillum Crucis

4. Bellum Dei

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