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TAXI CAVEMAN announce sophomore album "Galactic Slope"

Taxi Caveman is:

Bartosz Nauman - bass/voc

Bartek Gamracy - dr/voc

Piotr Rutkowski - guit/voc

recorded in:

Mustache Ministry Studio

HighWave Studio

mix/master Mustache Ministry

"Galactic Slope" is a journey through cosmos and our need to explore free, improvised playing. We took desert, ashes from Mars, stars around Jupiter and covered it with mud coming from doomish side of the band. This album is a bridge between our first self-titled record and the third one which is in progress right now.

Taxi Caveman hail from Warsaw, Poland and consist of Bartosz Nauman - (bass/vocals); Piotr Rutkowski (guitar/vocals) and Vincent Grabb (drums/vocals), they are a trio who jam grooves that blend furious stoner metal with elements of punk, sludge, doom. psych and classic rock that is then decorated in a variety of vocal tones, it is not what you would call an atypical Polish sound but it does carry all those traits of heaviness and intensity we have come to expect from that part of Eastern Europe."

"Taxi Caveman are not a doom band, a sludge band or a punk band but at the same time they are all those things, they are a rock band who can turn their hands to all of rocks various forms and styles and do so while still managing to sound fresh and original. Taxi Caveman have great musical chops and on this their debut album they display those chops to great effect across a wide spectrum of styles, where these guys take their music next is going to be very interesting indeed.

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