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Tech-death project ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED release "Clairvoyant Evanesce"

One-Man Tech-Death Band ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED present "Clairvoyant Evanesce." A stand-alone single, the song weaves through an intricate maze of sonic and emotional ​tapestries.

As a somewhat conceptual release, "Clairvoyant Evanesce" centers around a soul eternally bound between life and death by its own volition, perceiving the perpetual flow of time that inevitably ceases with death. Although aware that their death has come and they must pass, the soul is ultimately unable to move onto an afterlife due to being stuck in the past, unable to let their past mistakes and regrets go. This concept, while tapping into macabre fiction, can be viewed as a symbol for those who feel imprisoned or shackled by anxiety and/or depression and unfortunately struggle with immense feelings of pain, guilt, or regret for things they have been subjected to in the past that are unwittingly controlling their present and future actions.

Stream "Clairvoyant Evanesce" on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

This new offering of brutal technical death metal was masterminded by guitarist, vocalist, and overall songwriter, Isaac Rice; and follows AoMP's 2023 EP critically-praised, Womb in Black Flame.

Combining pummeling brutality with fast-paced technicality, Isaac set out to make ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED his vision of a melting pot of everything extreme and aggressive, yet melodic and memorable.

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