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Terrorential - Flood The Earth - (Thrash/Death Metal)

Terrorential - 'Flood The Earth' (Thrash/Death Metal)

Release Date: November 22, 2021

Terrorential are a four-piece Metal band originating from South Western Sydney. Taking influence from all forms of Metal, they have forged their own steel. Have you ever woken up and just thought to yourself, fuck this, fuck that, fuck this cunt, fuck that cunt and fuck the whole world? Well, that's how I felt one day, I can't remember exactly why I was so pissed off but I was just pissed off at everything. I thought to myself If I was some sort of Super Villan I would make it rain until the whole planet floods, then move the earth closer to the sun so it boils everything and kills everything then bring it back to the goldilocks zone and start again. I picked up my guitar and wrote the riffs and the song in basically one day, I was just really angry but to be honest after I wrote the song I felt better hahaha, I guess I just needed to let it all out. In the chorus the lyrics go "Bring the fucking world down, with total destruction" but the original lyrics were "Bring the fucking world down, with all the corruption" but it sounded to political and I changed corruption to destruction as it sounded more METAL to me and that way the listener can interpret it their own way. That's one thing I love about METAL music, it helps you get out all your hate and frustration in the music, it can also make you happy, sad, energetic, it depends on the song, I guess. - Terrorential

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