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Testarossa Releases Their Rockumentary 'I Am Testarossa' Along with Their Single/Video


I AM TESTAROSSA with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves

TESTAROSSA RELEASES THEIR new single "Son of a Bitch" (10/15) along with their rockumentary titled, I AM TESTAROSSA with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves.

The Rockumentary film, I Am Testarossa, is a short film designed for the viewer to step inside a day in the life of a true rock n roll band. Showcasing each band member, in a good home-brewed movie fashion, this film gives fans a front-row seat as to what and whom Testarossa embodies. You will witness unparalleled camaraderie as the band comes to terms with the hardships of becoming a household name. Ah yes, the price of fame.

I Am Testarossa, the narrative and brainchild of Buddy, Colten, Blake, and Jordan, together tell a story don’t it… one with a bit of tongue/cheek and lightheartedness. After all, it's only rock n roll and Testarossa lives it.

Colten Bell-Guitar/Vocals

Jordan West-Guitar/Vocals

Buddy Radford-Drums/Vocals

Blake Webb-Bass/Vocals


"Ain’t it funny how everyone is your best friend when things are going your way? When you can finally put food on the table, everyone wants to eat. Testarossa’s latest single “Son of a Bitch” addresses this scenario. To date "SOB" is the heaviest and most aggressive song recorded by the band so far. The song is straightforward Rock-N-Roll, full of piss and vinegar. So, son of a bitch, let’s party." - Testarossa

Produced by Joe Potts and Shaun Singerling at JP Audio Labs

Live footage for the music video from The Band & Hannah Lee photography edited by Colten Bell


More About Testarossa

Testarossa is a four-piece Rock-N-Roll extravaganza hailing from the suburbs of Charlotte, NC. The sounds produced by the band are reminiscent of past decades but still retain a fresh, modern vibe. The thunderous sounds produced by Buddy Radford’s drum kit are enough to make Tommy Lee blush. Blake Webb, the bassist, has a remarkable ability to hold a groove and deliver unparalleled, energetic performance while laying it down.

Jordan West’s guitar work is second to none and is eerily evocative of guitar virtuosos from days gone by. Take the sonic masterpiece created by the three, then add Colten Bell’s bourbon and pipe tobacco-tinged howling vocals and the results are like nothing else. Testarossa can only be described as Rock-N-Roll. The songs are carefully crafted to induce an uncontrollable urge to party and sing along.

Subject matters of their songs range from tongue ‘n’ cheek teenage angst and overtly confident claims of unrivaled passion — all the way to losing close friends to addiction and unrequited love. A live performance from Testarossa is a wide-ranging, rollercoaster of emotion that never loses focus on the main objective, having a good time. The sounds emitted by Testarossa are bound to make your body shake like a bad ball joint in your daddy’s 1989 Z28 Camaro.


To Connect with Testarossa

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Instagram - @TestarossaRocks

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We certainly wish to give a massive shout out to all the people who inspired this song, without their lack of support this song wouldn’t make sense or exist. We are so fortunate to have great people in our corner, however! We want to give a special thanks to the Testarossa extended family; Dart, Mule, Joe and Shaun @ JP Audio Labs, Dennis & The Label Group family, Allyson at CowGirlZenEntertainment PR, Hannah Lee Photography and all our friends who have stayed hooked on rock and roll.

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