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THE LONELY ONES Release New Single "Bedroom Door" + Official Music Video

Hard rock band The Lonely Ones released their new single "Bedroom Door" along with the official music video to all major platforms on October 14, 2022.

“'Bedroom door' can play out in two ways. If you find me attractive then the song is sexy and flattering. If you don’t then the lyrics are creepy and predatory. It’s up to the listener. Either you found the man of your dreams or a restraining order is the next step," says Marty McCoy.

The Lonely Ones Tour Dates: 2022 10/21 Rockford, IL @ District 10/22 Braidwood, IL @Top Fuel Saloon 11/5 Saginaw, MI @The Vault 11/11 Westland, MI @The Token Lounge 11/12 Bucyrus, OH @ Dillinger’s Event Center 11/18 Hallam, PA @Tourist Inn 11/19 Akron, OH @Empire Concert Club 12/1 Greenville, SC @The Radio Room 12/2 Carrboro, NC @The Station 12/16 Franklin, OH @J.D Legends 12/17 Glasgow, KY @AJ’s VIP Upgrades are available for select shows: Head over to to pick yours up today!

Formed in the summer of 2019, The Lonely Ones are a four piece vocal-oriented hard rock band with an ear for melody and a taste for success. No strangers to the hardships of the music industry, The Lonely Ones know what they want and know how to get it. They released two singles,"Eternal Sadness" and "The Lonely One," independently in March of 2020. The Lonely Ones - Eternal Sadness: The Lonely Ones - The Lonely One: The band released their re-imagined version of Queen's classic song "Flash" in July of 2020. The song/video was met with rave reviews including those of Brian May (Queen) and Sam J Jones (Flash Gordon, The Highwayman). Brian May was quoted as saying, “What a fantastic cover! I didn’t realize they were going to go into The Hero and the whole reprise ... magnificent!" Sam J Jones adds, "This is one of the best covers I have ever heard and seen. What a gifted group - The Lonely Ones are for everyone of us, from the 1980’s to right now!" The video for "Flash/ The Hero" can be seen here: In September , 2020, The Lonely Ones released another brand new single titled "Real Big Trouble." The Lonely Ones | Real Big Trouble (Acoustic): In February, 2021, the band released the single "Change the Station" and in June they released "Dyin All Night Long" via Imagen Records. The Lonely Ones- Change The Station: On July 9, 2021, the band released a new single titled "Gettin' High" to all major platforms via Imagen Records. The Lonely Ones| "Gettin High" Official Music Video

The Lonely Ones are: Marty McCoy - guitar / vocals Tommy Johnson - drums Jymmy Tolland - guitar / vocals Tru Roberts- bass / vocals

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