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The Order of Elijah Premieres "Wolves" at Metal Sucks Today

THE ORDER OF ELIJAH Premieres "Wolves" at Metal Sucks

photo credit: Lindan Caldwell of Caldwell Media

"In honor of my heritage, this song, "Wolves" was written as a reflection of the strength Indiginous Americans wield despite a suppressed history of oppression that easily bleeds into modern day times. It is no secret that Native American women experience a high rate of violence and sex-trafficking victimization than any other US population, yet it is rarely brought to light." -Shannon Low (Vocalist)

"Wolves" video credit: Lindan Caldwell of Caldwell Media

About The Order of Elijah:

The Order of Elijah is a 4 piece band based out of Joplin, Missouri. The music consists of massive guitar assaults and impulsively hyper screams entwined with tenacious, mathematical rhythms, all dynamically placed between soul pounding breakdowns. In 2013 the band released their 2013 freshman album, Dethrone under Christian label Rottweiler Records. In 2015 The Order of Elijah partnered with Luxor Records and stepped away from the Christian title, opening the path to release their 2nd national album, War at Heart, which quickly climbed to the iTunes top 10 metal charts in January 2016 upon its first week of release.

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Upcoming Show Dates:

April 22nd - Joplin, MO @ Private 420 Event

June 6th - Wichita, KS @ MonikaHouse

June 10th - Portland, OR @ Gambler 500

June 11th - Boise, ID @ TBA

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many other digital platforms.

Foot 2 Teeth Productions

Strive Artist Management

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