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Thom Kilroy Returns with Sweet Summer Single 'Fly' (out 7.9)

Thom Kilroy Announces Sweet New Single Fly Out July 9th

Photo by Sebastian Romero

For Thom Kilroy, music is a means of shared experience. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kilroy took the opposite path of a typical rising artist with his departure from the city. After experiencing the loss of multiple friends in a single year’s time, Kilroy quit his day job as a contractor and moved to the Hawaiian archipelago of Kaua’i. “My father taught me to be an optimist and always find the silver lining,” says Kilroy. “It took tragedy to show me the fragility of life, and what I really wanted.” Starting from scratch with newly purchased software and equipment, Kilroy helped others record their musical projects while performing at local venues in Kaua’i. His new album Fly began to take shape during a six-month trip across Europe, during which Kilroy busked and performed in every city possible. The 11-track project was recorded and produced by Arthur Pingrey (Sia, Norah Jones) in a subsequent trip to Manhattan. Kilroy’s objective is simple: “I just hope that people feel good about the moments spent with my music.”

Tom is excited to share his first single since 2014, Fly.

Here's what he had to say about it: "To me, 'Fly' is a song about letting go and surrendering in situations that are out of our control- like when someone leaves or breaks up with us or dies. It's about having courage and trusting that everything is unfolding as it needs to and wishing the best for the other person even when it hurts to do so, knowing it's the best path forward and will lead to the highest outcome, healing and happiness. It's a song about having faith in our own unique and often times mysterious individual and collective journeys."

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