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Thurnin Reissue Debut Album "Menhir"

Before THURNIN will enter the studio to produce a new album, the Dutch dark folk project is announcing a reissue of their debut full-length "Menhir" (2021) via Auerbach. The self-released first album sold out twice rapidly and is already much sought-after, which is hardly surprising as the full album stream on YouTube has passed the 1 million views milestone and continues to generate about 10,000 new views each week. The new edition of "Menhir" will first be released as a Digipak CD on November 11 and for the first time as gatefold LPs on black vinyl, and also forest green marbled vinyl that will follow as soon as current production times allow.

The album is available for presale at the following link: "MENHIR" FULL STREAM:

THURNIN comment: "I am thrilled to finally be able to present 'Menhir' on vinyl and to deliver a brand new Digipak print run as well", mastermind and sole member Jurre Timmer declares. "The love for Menhir has truly exceeded all my expectations, and being able to expand into vinyl territory is a huge honour. There has been a strong demand for vinyl from the start and it became one of my priorities to fulfill this request. Here we are now. It is also a great opportunity to thank you all of the amazing support so far. The Digipak version already sold out twice and I'm very grateful that there's still such a strong a demand for it. I can hardly wait to see those beauties shipped and in your hands. Thank you all so very much!"


1. The Voyage

2. Ancient Rites

3. Vicariously, We Rest

4. Vagrants

5. The Oath

6. Forsake Us Not

7. Winds of Decay

8. A Lament for the End

9. Trials of Menhir

10. Fall of Men

THURNIN's debut full-length "Menhir" attracts listeners beyond any limitations such as style or genre. Although based on the sound of dark folk and created by a musician with black metal roots, a background that founder Jurre Timmer shares with WARDRUNA mastermind Einar Selvik, the Dutch musician has tapped into something deeper and with his own vision. The album title "Menhir" derives from a Breton word denoting a standing stone, mysterious ancient monuments from the stone, bronze, and iron ages that are found across Europe far and beyond. Just like those relics from the past, THURNIN's music inspires dreams and visual images taking the listener to otherwordly realms filled with magical wonders. Little is know about THURNIN beyond the fact that the mysterious Dutch dark folk solo-project is the creation of mastermind and sole musician Jurre Timmer. Before THURNIN, Timmer released an album with his death doom project I, FORLORN. He also created 2 albums and 2 EPs for a project under the name of ALGOS. Although his idea to compose an acoustic EP for ALGOS pointed towards the general direction of THURNIN, Timmer decided to start fresh on a clean musical slate and to let his new band develop into its own direction. In January 2021, Timmer emerged seemingly out of the blue from his home studio in the town of Soest by the Dutch city of Amersfoort with a dreamy and richly textured acoustic dark folk album, which according to its maker is inspired by the beauty of nature – as befits its romantic genre. "Menhir" became an instant hit on YouTube that has already passed the milestone of 1 million views. Currently, THURNIN are preparing for the reissue of "Menhir" and a forthcoming new album.


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