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Tokyo Metalcore Royalty SAILING BEFORE THE WIND Release Crushing New Single 'One Step Over'


Tokyo Metalcore Royalty Release Crushing New Single 'One Step Over'

Tokyo metalcore royalty Sailing Before The Wind release their crushing new single 'One Step Over' featuring Jonathan Thorpenberg of The Unguided fame. Renowned for their blistering soundscapes fueled by melodic twin guitar leads and bludgeoning breakdowns, 'One Step Over' delivers their propulsive metalcore energy in an anthemic package.

Merging influences from metalcore, melodic death metal and hardcore genres, 'One Step Over' boasts relentless grooves, ruthless fretwork, and hook-laden choruses that rip the song open from the starting note. Vocalist Ryoichi Suemori delivers brutal gutturals and resonant cleans with full gusto elevating this swirling wall of sound layered with precise riffs and rhythmic builds to a new level.

Thematically Suemori explores the trepidation that comes with stepping outside of your norm to embrace the uncertainty and undiscovered possibilities of new beginnings. Accompanying this sonic onslaught, the lyric video features vivid flashes of bright blue and gold to hone in on the uplifting message, courtesy of Tommy Antonini whose impressive repertoire includes Soilwork, Machine Head & more.

Bassist & Composer Bitoku Sakamoto speaks: "We are super excited to unleash the new single to all metalheads around the world! “One Step Over” is about stepping out of what you're used to towards a new direction. As the song name says, I wrote this song in a style that I had never done before and worked with an outside engineer for the first time since this band started in 2011. I met Jonathan when his band The Unguided and Sailing Before The Wind performed together on their 2018 Japan tour in Tokyo. That night was beyond great as a melodic death metal kid myself. His excellent job takes listeners one step further in the enjoyment."

With seven EP's and various singles under their collective belt, it is not a surprise that Sailing Before The Wind have poised themselves as one of Japan's premier metalcore acts. Recognized for their immersive live performances featuring aggressive choreography, the group has performed alongside heavyweights such as Isotopes, Sienna Skies, A Scent Like Wolves, The Unguided, Convictions, Bleed From Within, Aviana, Void of Vision as well as appearing at True North Festival, Scream Out Festival and more. Their 2019 EP 'Revised Standards' featuring guest appearances from A Scent Like Wolves and Sienna Skies made the third release to reach No.1 on the Japanese iTunes metal charts.

Hot off the back of their latest single 'Illuminator', the group has been garnering global airplay and coverage including features on, IdiotEQ, Windmill Full Ov Corpses, HM Magazine and more. With the release of 'One Step Over', Sailing Before The Wind, yet again demonstrate their willingness to explore unconventional avenues and a ravenous hunger to not accept anything that falls short of their vision.

'One Step Over' is Out Now via


​Music Video by Tommy Antonini

Artwork by kyogudrddd

Photography by Masaya Fukuda

Produced, Written, Edited by Bitoku Sakamoto

Bass & Guitars by Bitoku Sakamoto

Guest Guitar Solo, Mixed & Mastered by Jonathan Thorpenberg

Vocals by Ryoichi Suemori

Backing Vocals by Ryoichi, Kosuke, Daisuke, Bitoku, and Katsuya.

Vocals Recorded by Katsuya (SLOTHREAT)

Lyrical Arrangement by Al Boltz (A Scent Like Wolves)

Drum Arrangement by Hiroki (C-GATE)

SAILING BEFORE THE WIND - 'One Step Over' (Official Lyric Video)

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