Top 19 Albums of 2019

2019 was a great year for the music community.

As most of you are aware this community is my family, so my 2019

picks for my favorite albums show that.

Please note, I am not saying these albums are the "Best" these are just my favorites and reflect that of my personal taste. 

With all that being said let's hop into my top 19 favorite albums of 2019.

19. "Whatever USA" - Hoodie Allen

Starting this off with a record that I feel didn't get enough press this year.

 New York-based rapper Hoodie Allen outdid himself on this record. 

The album has very upbeat and good vibe tracks. 

So stop sleeping on this album is sure to become your favorite.

Favorite track:  You Should Let Me Know

18. "Evolution" by Kobra and the Lotus

This album is the best release to date from Kobra Paige and company. Each song flows into the next and the title Evolution is a 

perfect description for the songs contained on the album.  Upon

 listening to the lyrics on the album, it is apparent that Kobra

Paige has evolved from an undesirable situation, as this album seems to tell a bit of a story.

Favorite track: Burn!

17.  "Midnight"- Set It Off

This record is on this list for the production.  The production

on this record is outstanding.  It's definitely a big difference from their previous records.

As far as the songwriting goes, this record has more of a dark, eerie vibe while

keeping the pop/rock vibe.  I find the depth lyrically on this record is some of their best yet.

Favorite track:  Dancing with the Devil

16. "Voodoo" by Lullwater

This record is another amazing piece in the library from Lullwater.

This band always brings the elements of Grunge out in a very modern way.

I can't express how much I genuinely LOVE this record and how Lullwater never

fails to bring in some amazing tracks that ROCK.

This album is a solid listen from beginning to end.

Favorite track:  Godlike

15. "Flesh and Blood" by Whitesnake

This band's popularity has been up and down over the last few decades but let me tell you this record shows they still got it.

This is some of the best work they've put out recently. The production is wonderful and the music is great. This is unashamedly and unmistakably Whitesnake.

The energetic pace that ripples almost all throughout Flesh & Blood breathes new life into Whitesnake’s sound.

Favorite Track: Good To See You  Again

14.  "Motherbrain" by Crobot

This album to me is like if Mother Love Bone was a

 band NOW instead of in the mid to late 80s.

Brandon has always given me such an Andrew Wood vibe vocally

 and his stage performance is phenomenal.. 

This album packs some punches with the energizing "get you going" sort of songs.  "Keep Me Down" and "Alpha Dawg" are empowering get you hyped up jams.  It also has a more chill side with songs such as "Gasoline" for a little slower vibe but Brandon still packs a punch

with the vocals. This record caught me off guard.  In a way,

 I wasn't expecting it to be so good.  I know the guys in Crobot always give their all but this record blew my damn mind. 

Favorite track: Gasoline

13. "Trauma" by I Prevail

I Prevail’s version of trap-metal is some of my favorite stuff I have heard from a newer band.  

They wanted to push musical boundaries, experimenting with sounds and elements that ultimately showed us a side of the band we’ve never seen before. 

This record will make you lose your mind, and give you a newfound appreciation (or remind you) of how insanely talented these guys are.  

They outdid themselves on this record, It's a solid record from beginning to end.

Favorite Track:  Paranoid

12. "We Are" by Beasto Blanco

For those that don’t know by now, this band is the brain child of Chuck Garric, and Chris “Brother” Latham. 

Chuck has been the long-time bassist for Alice Cooper.  Beasto Blanco features Alice Cooper’s daughter (who has performed for Alice on many tours as a dancer), 

Calico. She’s not just “Alice Cooper’s daughter”, and she shines on this album!

Beasto Blanco have done what they set out to do when things originally kicked off for them- they’ve set the metal world on fire and take on anyone

who stands in their way.

Favorite Track:  Solitary Rave

11. "AMO" by Bring Me The Horizion

This record has some controversy surrounding it, so sip on some tea and listen up.

This band has gotten some hate for straying from their original sound, but in my opinion and what I have found is most metal fans listen to more than one genre.

Whether it's Rap, Pop, whatever they don't just mainly listen to metal.

This is not a metal album by a long shot, but this record is still a really solid listen.

 The blend of rock, balladry, and electronics is a long way from BMtH’s deathcore origins. 

It gives me vibes of Linkin Park’s electronic remap with A Thousand Suns.

I really like this record and don't understand the hate it's gotten.

Favorite Track: in the dark

10. "Invasion" by John 5 and the Creatures

The album varies in styles, which is in typical John 5 style.

It goes between his notorious "dark" sound in songs such as Invasion, 

Zoinks!, and Midnight Mass, then brings in some funk with some industrial 

elements for Crank It (Living With Ghosts ) and I Like The Funk. 

 (P.S. I always felt like Crank It (Living With Ghosts) could've been a

 riff to a 2wo song but that's for another time)

The record also has a slower and more bluegrass/country

 elements in songs such as Cactus Flower, Howdy, and Constant Sorrow.  

Favorite Track:  Cactus Flower

9, "Okay, I'm sick" by Badflower

This debut record from these guys is straight up insanity. 

Composed of Josh Katz, Joey Morrow, Alex Espiritu and Anthony Sonetti, Badflower is full of guitar-heavy angst but isn’t afraid to include a more modern,

 pop-infused twist.

OK, I’M SICK evokes all the raucous and crazy elements of Badflower. Within almost every song, lead singer Katz is straining, screaming and seemingly yelling 

his vocals. It’s high in emotion, high in energy and overall gritty — it’s rock ‘n roll, after all. 

Favorite Track: Die

8. "We are not your kind" -Slipknot

Slipknot knows what works for them and they exploit it to a fault. Taylor is a thoughtful frontman and knows what their fan base wants.

This record is another bottle of water for those thirsty Slipknot fans, and they can't get enough. 

The band continues to morph and evolve even against changing lineups and their tumultuous last handful of years. 

Slipknot still maintains a singular sound–unswayed by a genre's quarter-century of trends. 

Favorite Track: Unsainted

7. "Feral Roots" by Rival Sons

I am a very new Rival Sons fan, this album is my introduction to them.  Let me tell you they've made me a fan.

This record got a slow-burn style of rock, goes down like a shot whiskey.

The brooding mix of urgent and mysterious tones that really pulls you in, and gives the whole album an almost cinematic quality.

Favorite Track: Do Your Worst


6. "Heavy Metal Rules" by Steel Panther

If you were waiting for the biggest sexual explosion of metal in 

2019, you have I mean come to the right place.

Get ready to get rocked by the fifth studio album "Heavy Metal Rules" 

from Steel Panther.

Doesn't matter if you're a new Panther fan or been here through all 

the gangbangs and gloryholes, this album is going to send your ears into a

 climax only the Gods of Pussy can bring.

Favorite track: I'm Not Your Bitch

5 "One Alone" - William DuVall

This record is everything missing in modern-day music. 

William DuVall is a musician who has gone all 

out for almost three decades in the music industry, without a solo record.

One Alone is his début. Let me tell you "One Alone" is worth the wait.  

This record is everything missing

in modern-day music. It is smooth, straightforward and totally beautiful.

I think with all the technology we have at our disposal, we have a tendency

to disregard how beautiful it is to just sit down with an acoustic guitar 

and just let the magic happen. This album is stripped down to the bare 

basics, the melodic tones in the acoustic riffs paired with William's

 raspy yet soft vocals are double wham.

Favorite Track: Chains Around My Heart

4 "High Crimes" by the Damned Things

The Damned Things, a supergroup made up of members of Fall Out Boy, Anthrax, and Every Time I Die are back with this baller record.

This record blends a bunch of unique styles to blend it in to make some incredibly smooth jams.  This record has elements that say Punk, Thrash and Heavy Metal

all in the best way. 

Scott Ian isn't a stranger to power riffs and this album is full of them. 

The lyric dynamic on this record is so solid, well thought out and put together.  I can't stop listening to this record.

Favorite Track:  Something Good

3.  "Hollywood''s Bleeding" by Post Malone

Let me start this off by saying I am extremely disappointed in myself for sleeping on this man.  I discovered this record a couple of months after it came out and

it has become my main driving record. 

I know this doesn't really seem like it fits on this list, but it's SO SOLID. 

I think the features he has on this record are fantastic as well, and the songs they are featured on fits them (Ozzy Osbourne, Halsey, Meek Mill, etc).

This man has been unstoppable.  This album is some of the catchiest stuff I have heard in recent memory from any genre, his melodic capacity is insane. 

Favorite track: Die For Me ( Featuring Future and Halsey)

 2. "Who Do You Trust?" by Papa Roach

Ah, yes those Papa Roach guys that most people I find don't realize are still making music.  Let me tell you, this record has some of the best music this

group has ever put out.

This is some of the most solid music the PR dudes have put out. 

PR has always had a way of having a poetic and strength to the songs while keeping the rap hooks that translates into some killer tracks.

This band continues to evolves and put a modern spin on old school techniques and never fails. 

Favorite Track: elevate 

 1. "Walk The Sky" by Alter Bridge

I feel like the insanely talented dudes in Alter Bridge have totally outdone

themselves with this record.  I heard it for the first time and was totally

floored.  Every time I hear it I am still totally floored.  That's why

it's #1 on my list.  The production on this record is just out of this world. 

All in all this record from beginning to end has an insane rhythmic flow from start to finish.  I love how much creative structure is behind this.

The band always delivers, but for this record, they 

seemed to have pushed themselves and it sure paid off.

I feel like if you've been a fan of Alter Bridge from the beginning or

 if you're just finding them you're going to love this record.

Favorite track:  Take The Crown

What's your top album of 2019?

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